Jurachari camp commander orders Karbaries providing for land for 20 families

Photo: Symbolic

Hill Voice, 29 December 2023, Jurachari: It has been reported that Lulongchari camp commander under Banajogichara zone of Jurachari upazila in Rangamati hill district held a meeting with 2 headmen and 9 Karbaris calling them in camp. In the meeting, the commander ordered Rupan Karbari to provide land for 20 setters. However, the Karbaris expressed their inability to accept the instruction as it was illegal.

They were two headmen present in the meeting were- (1) Maya Nanda Chakma, Kusumchari Mauza No. 143 and (2) Ananda Mitra Chakma, Lulangchari Mauza No. 147.

Besides, the present 9 karbaris were- (1) Gaynashwar Chakma, (2). Lalit Chakma, (3). Gyanaranjan Chakma, (4). Phulokkya Chakma, (5) Rupan Chakma, (6) Sushanta Chakma, (7) Kiran Chakma, (8) Amlendu Chakma and (9) Gunamuni Chakma.

However, the camp commander did not mention the details of the families. Conscious persons alleged that the camp commander is trying to take the land by force as part of a conspiracy to settle the illegal settlers.

Moreover, quoting zone commander, when the Camp Commander asked Rupan Karbari to sign a blank paper, Rupan Karbari left the place without signing the paper saying that was not possible for him to sign.

Meanwhile, Today (Thursday, December 28), the zone commander is said to have reached Lulangchari in the evening to hold a meeting with the dignitaries of the area.

A reliable source said on condition of anonymity that the army is insisting on Rupan Karbari to sign the paper.