Harassing patrol operation by army in Rangamati Sadar Upazila

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Hill Voice, 2 July 2024, Rangamati: It is alleged that the army conducted harassing patrol operation in Jumma villages of Balukhali and Mogban Union areas under Rangamati Sadar Upazila, creating hindrance to the normal life of the local Jummas.

According to local sources, on June 26, 2024, a group of 16 army personnel led by Captain Md. Shafiq from the Subalong army camp of Barkal upazila first took their position at Battali Government Primary School in Balukhali Union of Rangamati Sadar upazila. From there, the army carried out patrolling operation in Battali village area. During the operation, the army personnel went to the houses of Pramesh Kanti Chakma (55), son of- Karuna Lal Karbari and Sajib Chakma (35), son of- Milan Kanti Chakma of Battali area. The army asked them various harassing questions and took pictures with them. On the other hand, the army also sent for Arun Karbari and interrogated him with various questions. At one stage, the army personnel patrolled from Kaindyamukh Para to Noapara Lake area by a trawler. The next day (June 27) around 8 a.m. the army went back to the camp.

Under the all along huge army presence of army in the area, patrolling operations and interrogations are said to create an atmosphere of fear among the Jumma villagers, disrupting their normal life and daily works.

On the other hand, on the same day (June 26), another army group numbering 12 personnel led by Subedar Recharge from Gobaghona army camp in Mogban Union of Rangamati is said to have searched for a shopkeeper named Singpru Marma.

Besides, on June 26, another army group led by Subedar Md Aziz, commander of the Rajmani Para army camp in Balukhali went to the house of Pradip Kumar Chakma (45), son of- Milan Kanti Chakma of Balukhali area. Meanwhile, Subedar Md Aziz threatened Pradip Kumar Chakma to settle the issue he has with Md Lalmia (53), son of- Hatem Ali (now resident of Kerani Pahar area of Rangamati) regarding the Kachki (Corica) fishing trade, otherwise, no one knows what would happen to him.

Reportedly, on June 28, at 7:30 p.m, a 15-member army group led by Subedar Md Aziz, commander of the Rajmani Para Army Camp, conducted another patrolling operation in the Morichyabil Private Primary School and Morichyabil Buddhist Bihar area.