Bengali settlers attempt to grab land of Jumma villager in Longadu


Hill Voice, 12 November 2023, Rangamati: It has been alleged that the land of Subash Chakma has been attempted to grab by Bengali settlers. The victim resides at Rangipara village under Gulshakhali union in Longadu Upazila of Rangamati hill district.

According to the local source, a group of Bengali settlers numbering 10/12 led by Md. Manjurul Haque Milan, former member of Ward No. 8, Md. Shahid Mia, former member of Ward No. 9 and Md. Nazim Uddin went to clear jungle today around 10 am.

Knowing the matter, Subash Chakma – owner of the land – went to the spot and attempted to prevent them from doing that. But they did not listen to him, rather, they threatened him and claimed to have bought the land from a Bakul Bikash Chakma.

Being informed the land grabbing issue, the villagers thronged the site. There has had an altercation between the Jumma villagers and the land occupant Bengali settlers and arose a communal riot like situation.

As the situation was worsening, the land owner Subash Chakama complained to a local ward member and Tematha BGB Camp, and BGB found the truth that clearing of the jungle by settlers. The BGB personnel managed to bring the situation under control and reportedly ordered three settler leaders to be appear at Rajanagar Zone in Gushakhali under 37 BGB at 12 am.

However, what the BGB authority instructed the settler leaders has not been known. If the BGB would not immediately take measures to settle the issue, there would have happened a major problem between the indigenous Jummas and the settlers.