Transit road construction underway destroying plantations, no compensation, in Jurachari


Hill Voice, 24 December 2023, Rangamati: Destroying plantations and without any compensation to the affected families, the ongoing transit road work is allegedly being expanded in Dumdumya Union of Jurachari Upazila in Rangamati District under the supervision of Chittagong Construction Division of Bangladesh Army. Despite demands, the army refused compensating the victims. Rather, the army threatened- if the locals try to obstruct the work, the consequences would not be good.

The ongoing construction work is underway in ward no 4,5,6 in Dumdumya Union No. 4 under Jurachari Upazila. It has been alleged that teak and white teak trees were felled and taken away from the plantations to expend the road without any consent of the owners.

In addition, stones are being allegedly extracted whimsically from the brooks and streams- resulting in ecological balance under a threat, the locals said.

It was known that Senior Warrant Officer of army Ranjan Chakma is in charge of this work. The locals alleged that army is cutting down trees without consultation and demolishing the houses with no compensation. As many may know, Jagadish Chakma’s house had to be re-erected for construction work twice a year but he did not get any assistance.

When the locals demanded compensation to army authority concerned, there was negative response saying- if the locals somehow obstruct, the result would not be good.

On the other hand, there have been reports of a massive army operation over Awami League election campaign in Jurachari. Reportedly, to ensure the security of the AL campaigning for upcoming national parliamentary election is the main purpose of the operation.

To provide security to the campaigning, a group of army consisting of 19 personnel led by Subedar Rabiul from Lulongchari army camp under Banajogichara of Jurachari has already came out from the camp.

Another group of army from Shilchari camp of the same zone is said to be stationed in Ghilatoli, Jameschari and Mogachari Moan para.