Army patrol operation, harassment cause panic in Rangamati

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 23 December 2023, Rangamati: It has been reported that harassing patrol operations were conducted by army in Balukhali, Jibtali and Mogban union of Rangamati Sadar upazila. At that time, the locals were allegedly subjected to various harassing interrogation and threats by the army personnel. At this, fear and panic has spread among the local residents, a reliable source said.

On Tuesday (December 21) at 3 pm, a group of army of 30/35 personnel led by Subedar Shahadat and Habildar Lokman from Moricyabil army camp of Balukhali Union under Rangamati Sadar Upazila took position at Kharikhyong Private Primary School in Balukhali Union. From there, around 4 pm, a section of army consisting of 10/15 personnel led by Habildar Lokman first showed their movement to Badalchari village, but they went to Kaindya bridge shop at 5.30 pm.

After roaming for a while in and around the road of bridge shops and adjacent places, Habildar Lokman went to Liton Chakma’s shop and sat down there. Sanchay Chakma (former UP member) was already staying at Liton Chakma’s shop. The habildar then started asking various harassing questions two persons- whether the terrorists came to Kaindya this month. How many were they in number? How their dresses were? How much money do you have to pay? Later at 6.30 pm they went to Kharikhyong Private Primary School. They passed the night there and the next day, on December 22, at 8 am they returned to their camp.

On the other hand, on Wednesday (December 22) at 9.30 am, an army patrol group of 15/16 personnel led by Subedar Saiful from Gobaghona army camp of Mogban Union went to Ruchai Aung Marma’s shop at Dhanpada under Jibtali union. Reaching there, without any word they forcefully began to photograph the people sitting in the shop. On their way back to camp, when they reached at Ogoyachari Marma Para, they moved around the house of Pantu Marma (31), son of Rajchandra Marma and Athwai Marma (40), son of Darjya Marma for a long time and returned to the camp at 2 pm.

Moreover, on the same day (December 22) at 8 pm, a group of army of 10/12 personnel led by a Subedar from S Band army camp went to Jetabon Buddha Vihar in Jibtali Union. Having stayed there a long time, they returned to the camp around 10 pm.

On the other hand, another army patrol group numbering 15/20 personnel from Jibtali army camp reportedly went to a place named Bhanga Bridge Gora of Jibtali union, and staying a while, returned to the camp.