Paindu UP Chairman kidnapped by army created KNF terrorists

Photo: Kidnapped UP Chairman Uhlamong Marma

Hill Voice, 14 January 2024, Bandarban: The chairman of Paindu Union Parishad (UP), Uhlamong Marma (50), of Ruma Upazila in Bandarban district was reportedly kidnapped by Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) terrorists known as the Bawm Party created by the army, today (14 January 2024) around noon.

The terrorists kidnapped him from a vehicle when he got down at a place named Rongtong Jhiri of Harman Para area in Bogalake road while he was returning home in a vehicle from Keokradong to Ruma upazila.

The abductee, UP Chairman Uhlamong Marma, is from Chanda Para village under Ward No. 3 in Paindu union.

According to local source, the incident took place when UP Chairman Uhlamong Marma along with his wife, local UP member, and officials and staff of the Lean Project were on their way back home in two vehicles after visiting the work of the NGO Lean Project early this morning.

The Source added, the terrorists demanded ransom after Chairman Uhlamong Marma got down from the vehicle. At this moment, the terrorists took Tk 30,000 and a mobile phone from his pocket. Then the terrorists forced the other passengers get into the vehicle and took away the chairman, Uhlamong Marma.

It is learnt that UP Chairman Uhlamong Marma’s wife is Piang Ang Moi Bawm of Bawm community.

Till writing of this report, the release of the abductee is not known.