Jumma’s land attempted to grab by army backed settlers in Jurachari, Jumma tortured


Hill Voice, 13 January 2024, Rangamati: A land of a Jumma has been allegedly being attempted to occupy by a group of outsider Muslim Bengali setters backed by army at Jurachari Upazila Sadar area in Rangamati hill district.

The name of the victim is Himayan Chakma, son of- late Kalpa Chakma from Jurachari Upazila Sadar area. His land located next to Jurachari Upazila Health Complex is 0.20 acres. The land is said to be the ancestral property of Himayan Chakma.

In recently time, Himayan Chakma erected an ordinary house on the land.

According to the local sources, today (January 13, 2024) around 8:00 am, 5 outsider Muslim Bengali settlers put poles around the land of Himayan Chakma to grab it. Having informed the news, the owner along with local Jumma people rushed there. There, an altercation and tension arose between the both parties.

Photo : The land attempted to occupy by the Bengali settlers

At one stage, as the Jumma people took out the posts, the settlers informed the matter to the local Jakkha Bazar army camp. The settlers attempted to occupy the land were identified as- (1) Md. Siraj (32), son of- unknown, daily labourer and retail oil trader by profession; (2) Md. Sohel (30), son of- unknown, carpenter by profession; (3) Mithun (27), tea shopkeeper; (4) Md. Faisal (29), son of- unknown, clothes shopkeeper by profession and (5) name unknown.

Shortly afterwards, a group of army numbering 15/20 personnel led by Camp Commander Captain Musharraf from the adjacent Jakkha Bazar army camp rushed to the spot. A few minutes later, Zone Commander of Banjogichara Army Zone Lt. Col. Zulkifli Arman Bikhyata PSC is said to have appeared there.

At one point, the army personnel led by Captain Mosharaf detained 5 persons among the Jumma protesters and took them away to the camp. Meanwhile, other protesting Jummas also followed them. The army personnel stopped them at the gate and moved the 5 detainees on to talk separately. After so long, around noon, the locals went their houses to have their lunch.

Afterwards, the detainees were reportedly inhumanly tortured by army taking them inside the camp. Reportedly, later the victims were admitted to Jurachari Sadar Hospital.

It is said that the victims are workers of Awami League and Jubo League. Among them, one is a public representative.

The tortured persons were identified as- (1) Pallab Dewan (48), son of- Amrita Lal Dewan, Joint Organizing Secretary, Jurachari Thana Awami League and running member of Ward No. 7 in Jurachari Union; (2) Sajib Chakma (32), son of-Biplob Chakma, Village- Baroituli, Ward No. 3, Banajogichra Union and is General Secretary, Jurachari Thana Jubo League; (3) Anupam Chakma (55), son of- unknown, village- Dhamai Para, is the President of Banajogichara Union Awami League, (4) Mintu Chakma (32), son of- unknown, village- Kusumchari of Ward No. 9 of Jurachari Union, is general secretary of Awami League in Jurachari Union and (5) Rontu Chakma (38), son of- unknown, village-Baroituli, is General Secretary of Jurachari Thana Awami League.

According to the latest reports, although among the detainees, Pallab Dewan and Anupam Chakma were released, but the other 3 were not released.

Notably, as per a report published (on December 29, 2023) on Hill Voice, the camp commander and warrant officer– Md. Rabiul of Lulongchari army camp under Banajogichara Zone in Jurachari held a meeting (on December 21, 2023) with 2 local headmen and 9 Karbaris.

In the meeting, Camp Commander instructed Rupan Karbari to accommodate land to 20 Bengali settlers. However, the Karbaris denied to obey the illegal order.

In addition, the camp commander ordered every one of the Karbaries to work by turn at camp once in every month.