Mass protest by local residents against the terrorist activities of KNF in Ruma


Hill Voice, 14 February 2024, Bandarban: Today (February 14) a mass protest processions and human chains by people from all walks of life at Ruma Upazila Sadar against the oppression, torture, extortion, kidnapping and shooting of Rejuk Para resident Uhlaching Marma by the armed terrorists of KNF was held in Ruma Upazila of Bandarban district.

At first in the morning, a protest procession was taken out from Ruma Sadar Union Parishad office at Ruma Bazar with the participation of hundreds of Jumma men and women from different areas of Ruma Upazila. The procession paraded the main road of Ruma Upazila Sadar and ended at Ruma Hospital Bridge where a human chain and mass rally was organised.

Men and women of different ages participated in the human chain of different communities including Marma, Mro, Tanchangya, Bawm under the banner of ‘Combined Citizens’ Society, Ruma’. During this time, the participants displayed posters and placards stating ‘Bawm Party’s terrorist activities must be stopped’, ‘We want the administration to answer why the firing on Uhlaching Marma’, ‘KNF’s torture must be stopped’, ‘KNF terrorists, beware, beware’, ‘ Drive out KNF terrorists from CHT’, etc.

Ruma Upazila Parishad Chairman Uhlaching Marma, Female Vice Chairman Numrau Marma, Ruma Sadar UP Chairman Shwemong Marma Shwebong, Paindu UP Chairman Uhlamong Marma, Marma Welfare Association President Uthwaiching Marma, Conscious Citizens Youth Association representative Aungchowong Marma and other leaders spoke in the rally.

Chairman of Ruma Upazila Parishad Uhlaching Marma said, we want to live peacefully with all ethnic groups. It is not desirable to oppress anyone. He called upon the people to stand against KNF and protest and resist them in all areas to restore peace in Ruma Upazila.

Chairman of Ruma Sadar Union Parishad, Shwemong Marma Shwebong said, shooting, threats, harassment, extortion and other criminal activities on innocent people living in the hills by KNF terrorists are increasing day by day. Due to which the hill people are not able to live in peace. They have to leave their homes and run away to different places due to oppression. No one’s life is safe in Ruma now.

It is to be noted that yesterday, February 13, at around 6 o’clock in the morning, Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) terrorists, known as the Bawm Party, entered Rejuk Marma Para village of Ruma Sadar Union and shot an innocent Marma villager named Uhlaching Marma (40), s/o Mongnak Marma. Uhlaching Marma was shot in the abdomen and waist and was seriously injured. At that time, the terrorists forcibly snatched 50 thousand taka from another Marma villager named Khyau Marma.

The injured Uhlaching Marma was first admitted to Ruma Upazila Hospital. It is learnt that he is currently undergoing treatment at Chittagong Hospital.

It is reported that a person named Yosang Lusai, s/o Dangya Lusai, was beaten and injured in the head by the protesting angry crowd. His house is in Zaion Para area of Ruma Sadar.

Local sources also reported that at one point during the rally, the agitated crowd attempted to vandalize the pharmacy shop (Sang Pharmacy) of KNF self-proclaimed Colonel Sangpa Bawm. But the crowd retreated after being stopped by the police. After the rally, at 12.30 pm, the agitated crowd attacked and vandalized a total of 4 houses and 2 shops of the Bawm people adjacent to Ruma Bawm Hostel.

Meanwhile, a person named Jausang Lusai (65) was seriously injured after getting hit on the head. The 4 houses attacked and vandalized are the houses of Ruma Upazila Vice-Chairman Thangkhamlian Bawm, Remsiam Lusai, Julian Lusai and Lal Lianthang Lusai (70). The owners of 2 shops are Jomi Restaurant (Lusai) and Pari Coffeeshop (Lusai).

Later, after the rally at 1:55 p.m., the people coming from Minijidi Para faced KNF obstruction in Eden Para while they were returning to their respective village. Meanwhile, the KNF members pointed guns at the crowd and abused them in profanity. Later the residents of Minijidi Para returned from there and went to Ruma Sadar again.

On the other hand, on the way back after the rally, KNF members slapped a person named Kasingmong Marma (47) resident of Kayanbowa Para in Ruma Khal.