Demonstration in Ruma Bazar to protest the shooting of a person by KNF terrorists in Ruma


Hill Voice, 13 February 2024, Bandarban: A procession and rally was organized by Marma Welfare Association at Ruma Bazar at around 12.30 PM to protest the shooting and injury of a man named Uhlaching Marma in Rejuk Marma para by KNF terrorists in the early morning on 13th February in Ruma Sadar area.

A rally, after the procession, was held chaired by Ruma sadar upazila chairman Shaibong Marma while member of Ruma Awami League Angchaiang Marma, principal of Ruma college Shoipruching Marma, chairman of Paindu union 1 Uhlamong Marma, Ruma Upazila Women Vice Chairman Numraw Marma, human rights activist Uthwaiching Marma and Ruma Upazila Chairman Uhlaching Marma spoke among others there.

The speakers in the rally said that various terrorist activities including assault, attacked, disappearance, harassment etc are being constantly carried out on the Marma people by armed terrorist group called KNF. However, there is no move from the administration concerned to address the created problem.

Speaking out the speakers said, we want to say clearly to the administration from today’s protest procession and mass rally that if Uhlaching Marma dies in a bullet-ridden state, a mass procession would be taken out in the streets with the dead body. If the administration cannot find out a solution to the terrorist activities of the KNF, then the Marma people will not sit idly anymore. At any time, the furious Marma people would compel to take action against KNF and its supporters. Then, the administration cannot hold us responsible.

The speakers added in the future, if any terrorist activity is done to harass or sabotage by terrorists of KNF on the common people of other communities, or any community rather than Bawm community, then they will be immediately countered.

It is to be noted that an armed group of 24 KNF terrorists suddenly entered Rejuk Marma Para by firing blank bullets at this dawn. At that time, the villagers got terrified. Entering the village, they saw Uhlaching Marma (40) and shot at him. The victim was shot in the abdomen and waist, and was seriously injured. It is reported that the injured Uhlaching Marma has been admitted to Ruma Upazila Hospital.

Besides, the terrorists entering the houses of the village, carried out random searches and ransacked the belongings. It is said that the terrorists took away tk 50,000 from a Marma villager named Khayu Marma.