Further army operation in Jurachari

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 6 December 2023, Rangamati: Army operation led by a warrant officer from Lulangchari army camp of Jurachari upazila under Rangamati hill district has been reportedly resumed in Jurachari.

According to local source, today (December 6), an army team of 20 personnel under the leadership of warrant Officer Mohammad Piroz of Lulangchari army camp under Banajogichara zone in Jurachari upazila is staying, with cooking materials, at Lalit Karbari’s yard around 4 pm, in ward no.5 of Jurachari union no. 1 under Jurachari mousa no. 133.

The reason and details of the army operation could not be known.

It is to be noted that earlier on November 28, under the leadership of Warrant Officer Robiul of Lulangchari Army camp under Banajogichara Zone of Jurachari was conducted a harassing patrol operation at Paju Adam area in ward no. 7 of Jurachari union. On the same day, warrant officer Anwar of Fakirachari army camp of the same Zone led another harassing army operation at an area named Kandebachara of ward no. 9 of Dumdumya union no. 4.