Extensive army patrols in Bilaichari and Jurachari, harassment and threats to locals

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 10 November 2023, Rangamati: It is reported that the army conducted widespread patrolling operations in different parts of Jurachari and Bilaichari areas in Rangamati Hill District recently. The patrol also reportedly results in widespread anxiety and panic among the common people in two Upazilas.

According to local source, a group of army numbering 20 led by captain Arif from Dighalchari army zone (32 Bir) and another one under leadership of Warrant Officer Saiful from Taktanala army camp of Bilaichari Upazial converged at Alikhyong Natun Para (village) of Ward No. 1 of Farua Uninon. On the excuse of staying terrorist group led by Chandra Chakma in the village, a collector group and involvement of the locals with terrorist activities, those army threatened and intimidated the villagers. After staying for 4/5 hours, they left the village in the afternoon.

A group of army numbering 25 army personnel from 32 Bir Farua camp led by Captain Shihab, and another group constituting 15 personnel under leadership of Warrant Officer Saiful from Taktanala army camp – gathered at Royaparachara of Ward No. 2 in Farual Union under Bilaichari upazila (Sub district). On October 7 2023, at 8 am. the army personnel harassed the villagers interrogating various questions that – to have communication with terrorists and be involved in terrorist activities.

During the move, the army harassed 8 local Jumma shopkeepers alleging that the terrorists have movement there and the shopkeepers do not inform the matter to the army. The victims were identified as- 1) Bablu Chakma (42), son of Dahyna chakma, village- Rayaparachara, 2) Amar Dhan Tanchangya (47), son of Mukta Chan Tanchangya, Address- Do, 3) Khusi Lal Tanchangya, (45), son of Ratan Tanchangya, 4) Siddikya Tanchangya (45), son of Barma Tanchangya, Address- Do, 5) Ujjal Tanchangya (32), son of Sundajya Tanchangya, Address- Do, 6) Bijoy Tanchangya (30) son of Jana Chandra Tanchangya, Address- Do, 7) Laksmi Dhan Tanchangya (43), son of Harish Chandra Tanchangya, Address- Do, 8) Aungya Dhan Tanchangya ( 44), son of Hangara Tanchangy, Address- Do. The army threatened them that if they do not inform the army on the terrorist’s arrival, the army would take the villagers tied to the camps. The army also threatened villagers that if they kill them, the army would face no trouble.

On November 9, 2023, a group of army numbering 15 personnel led by Warrant Officer Saiful from Taktanala army camp of Bilaichari, went to Shuknachara of Farua for patrolling operation. There they surrounded the houses of 1) Jiban Kumar Tanchangya (38), son of Gulongya Tanchangya, 2) Gara Dhan Tanchangya (45), son of Do. At this moment, the army aimed gun at Gara Dhan Tanchangya and threatened him to shot and asked whereabouts of terrorists. Just then, seeing a motor bike near the house, the army personnel wanted to the know who was the owner of the bike and attempted to make him confess that it belonged to the terrorists.

At the moment, another group of army numbering 15 personnel led by Captain Shihab from 32 Bir Farua Camp arrived at Shuknachara. The two groups of army took the bike to a nearby jungle, covered it with shrubs and leaves and photographed it. Later, the army again took out the bike from the jungle to the road. They further photographed it there.

It is learnt that the owner of the motor bike is Barun Tanchangya (32) son of- late Lalit Candra Tanchangya, village- Taktanala. He is known to be an ordinary villager.

On November 9, 2023, at 10 am, under the leadership of a warrant officer from Fakirachara camp of Jurachari, a group of army numbering 20 personnel went out for patrolling to Tagalak Chara Mon. There, the army personnel harassed the locals asking several questions. They returned to their camp after staying about 3 hours.