Army patrol operation in Jarulchari of Dighinala, harassment

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 30 November 2023, Khagrachhari: It has been reported that a patrol operation was conducted in the Machyachara (Dajar Para) area of Babuchara union under Dighinala upazila of Khagrachhari district under the leadership of a commander from Jarulchari army camp of Ward No. 3 of Babuchhra union.

According to local sources, yesterday Wednesday (November 29) at 10:00 pm a group of army numbering 20/25 personnel led by an officer from the Jarulchhari army camp of Babuchara union conducted a patrol operation at Ward No. 3 of Jarulchari Machyachara (Dajarpara) of Babuchhara union.

At that time, an officer entered the house of Karbajye Chakma (25), a resident of that village, and the officer asked various harassing questions. After staying there for a while, the soldiers left.

After a while at 10.30 pm, army personnel raided the house of Buddhamani Chakma (55), another resident of the same village. At that time, Buddhamani Chakma was sleeping with the door closed. Buddhamani Chakma was woken up by a loud bang on the door of the house, subjected to various harassing interrogations and taken to Baraituli area along with them. Later, the soldiers released him from there.