Army operation continues in Balukhali and Jibtali, houses searched

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 10 December 2023, Rangamati: It has been alleged that the army continue patrol operation, house search breaking doors and taking away ID cards ransacking furniture inside the house in Balukhali and Jibtali unions of Rangamati Sadar Upazila.

On 9 December 2023, a group of patrol army of 18 personnel led by a Subedar from Subolong army camp of Barkal Upazila went near the Balukhali Union Parisad office (Bhanga building) by an engine driven boat at 11 am and returned to their camp after staying 3/4 hours sometime in the afternoon.

On the other hand, today (December 10) at 11.30 am, again another group of patrol army numbering 22 personnel under leadership of a Subedar from Subalong army camp stationed at that same place (Bhanga building). Later, a section of army of 10/12 personnel patrolled on the Kaptai lake and around 3 pm they reportedly returned to their camp.

Meanwhile, on the same day (December 10), an army patrol group of 35/40 personnel jointly led by a Captain and a Subedar from Morichyabil army camp and Gabaghona army camp of Jibtali union stationed at Balukhali Govt. Primary School of Balukhali union at 9 am.

Besides, today at 9 am, another army patrol group numbering 11 personnel led by Subedar Md. Parvez from Pankhua Para Army Camp of Balukhali Union came at Joypur Shaka (branch) Bana Vihara of Duttang Para (village). From there, the army sent message to village Karbari Jibantar Chakma to appear.

When Jibantar Karbari arrived there, the army personnel asked him who the owner the tractor was. It is to be noted that two people named Dulia Chakma and Kiran Moy Chakma have been cleaning and leveling the paddy field with a tractor from a month ago.

In reply, Jibantar Karbari said that Bijoy Ranjan Chakma, a member of Ward No. 9 of Balukhali Union, has been getting the land clean and level by the two hired persons. Later, the patrolling army left the place for Badalchari.

On the way, seeing the house of Kironmoy Chakma of Duttang Para locked, the army asked a villager of that village named Asha Purna Chakma, why was the house locked? Then, they broke the lock and ransacked the furniture and books entering the house and reportedly took away the photocopy of Kironmoy Chakma’s ID card.

It was also known that Headman of Basanta Mouza, Shial Jal Pankhua has a banana plantation adjacent to the camp. The army personnel of the camp take away banana from the plantation at their will without paying. When they are opposed to do so, there is threat. So, it can be said, in fact, the plantation is now in the possession of the army.