Shops of temporary Bazar vandalized by BGB in Panchhari

Photo : Cht News

Hill Voice, 28 August 2020, Khagrachari: BGB members vandalized shops of a temporary bazar in Taraban Girja area of ​​Chengi Union No. 2 in Panchhari upazila of Khagrachhari. Locals have temporarily set up the market due to the outbreak of corona virus.

At that time, the BGB members chased away the people who came to the market and threatened not to set up a market there.

According to local sources, today 26 August 2020 Wednesday at 8:00 am, a group of BGB members of Panchhari zone led by Lt. Colonel Md. Rubayes Alam raided the temporary market and vandalized 15-20 shops.

BGB members threatened that no market could be set up except in Panchhari Bazar and Logang Bazar. They beaten up the people who came to the market with sticks and created panic in the minds of the people. As a result, the people who came to the market were forced to return to their homes.

The people of the area have expressed dissatisfaction and anger over such inhumane behavior of the BGB.