Jumma school girl attempted to rape by settler in Longadu


Hill Voice, 26 October 2023, Rangamati: A Jumma school girl (15) studying in grade IX was allegedly attempted to rape by a Bengali settler named Md. Masum (25), son of Md. Rafiz Uddin from Gulshakhali Union of Longadu Upazila under Rangamati District.

It is learnt that the alleged settler is from Rahmatpur settler-site in ward no 9 of Gulsakhali Union under Longadu Upazila.

Local said the accused settler Md. Masum went to collect grass for cattle at a Jumma inhabited locality in Rangipara of Gulshakhali at around 12.30 pm on October 25, 2023. On his way back home, he asked for water from a house of the Jumma villager. As the settler found there a school girl alone in the house, he began to harass her sexually and talk indecently to the ninth-grade student. At one stage, he attempted to rape her. Then, hearing the shouts of the victim, a Jumma youth rushed there and saved her. Later, as the youth shouted for further help from other neighbours the culprit ran away.

Around the evening, the mother of the accused appeared at the victim’s house along with two elderly persons and apologized on behalf of her son (who attempted to rape) to the victim’s guardians and requested not to expose the matter to others.

In this regard, there has been an arbitration between both side guardians, local elderly persons as well as Ward Member at Rangipara village. Locals said that considering the victim’s safety and based on both side discussion, the issue has been settled by taking a written pledges from the rape attempter and his mother that they will be responsible for any unwanted issues in future.