Houses of Jumma villagers set on fire by Bengali settlers in Mahalchari’s Maischari


Hill Voice, 16 March 2022, Khagrachari: It has been alleged that the houses of Jumma villagers was set on fire by the Bengali settlers on Tuesday (15 March 2022) night at a place called Dippochari of Ward No. 4 of Maischari union in Mahalchari upazila of Khagrachhari district. At least 9 houses have been burnt to ashes.

The victims whose houses were burnt to ashes are: Dhananjay Chakma, son of late Indra Sen Chakma, Juddha Mohan Chakma, son of late Batye Chakma, Smritimoy Chakma, son of Ramani Chakma, Prem Moy Tripura, Lalal Chakma, son of late Padma Lochan Chakma, Shanti Lal Chakma, son of late Padma Lochan Chakma, Lauchan Chakma, son of late Purna Chakma, Mintu Chakma, son of Kalo Baran Chakma and Sadhan Bhushan Chakma, son of Indra Lal Chakma.

According to local sources, a group of settlers led by Md. Nazim, Md. Belal and Md. Nazrul of Joysen Para set fire to the newly constructed houses of Jumma villagers at around 10:00 pm last night. The locals alleged that a group of army personnel went around and took position to provide security to the settlers. As a result, everyone of Jumma villagers fled in fear of the attack at that time. At least 9 houses were burnt to ashes in the fire set by the settlers.

According to local sources, the Bengali settlers have been trying to occupy the land of Jumma people for a long time. They had tried to occupy the land several times before, but could not do so due to the resistance of the Jumma villagers. The Jumma people later built houses there to protect the land. The settlers went there last night to occupy the site and set fire to houses built by the Jumma villagers, they alleged.