House of JSS member raided and vandalized belongings by the army in Rajvila

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 29 December 2021, Bandarban: The house of Nisauong Marma (43), son of late Shoithuiu Marma of Thangjama Para in Rajvila Union of Bandarban district, was raided by the army and belongings of the house was smashed. Nisauong Marma was not at home at this time.

According to local sources, on Tuesday (December 28) at 9.00 pm, a group of army of about 40 personnel from Dolu Para camp carried out raid at entered that village. At this time, some people from the village were taken to Nisauong Marma’s house fastening hand with rope and beaten.

The victims of Thangjama Para are Reda Mong Marma (37), son of Aungsa Hla Marma; Umong Shwe Marma (32), son of Kya Mong Marma; Ushoi Thowai (26), son of Sanu Aung Marma; Usa Mong Marma (26), son of Monsa Prue Marma; Thuisa Prue (26), son of Thowaisa Prue Marma; Lusai Mong (23), son of Medose marma; Mesaching Marma (37), son of Mong Ba Thowai Marma.

In addition, 3 persons from the adjoining Mashabania Para were also severely beaten. They are: Thuiseprue Marma (40), son of Uthowai Marma; Mongshoithui Marma (37), son of Thuihla Marma; Ching Hla Prue Marma (45).

During the incident, the army vandalized and destroyed the belongings of Nisaung Marma’s shop. They looted the cold water in the store’s fridge and ate biscuits and destroyed the rest.
It is to be noted that in the past, during the UPDF’s stay in Bandarban, the UPDF and the Mog Party set fire to his house. It is learnt that the army is currently stationed there.