Fresher reception event held by PCP at Shijak College in Baghaichari


Hill Voice, 4 February 2024, Rangamati: A fresher reception and cultural event was held on 4 February 2024 (Sunday) to welcome the students newly admitted in grade 11 of 2023-24 academic year at Shijak College, Baghaichari and organized by Shijak College Branch of Chittagong Hill Tracts Hill Students Council (PCP).

Sumati Ranjan Chakma, Vice President of Rangamati District Committee of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samtiti (PCJSS), was the chief guest while Rupez Chakma, General Secretary moderated and Suken Chakma, President of Shijak College Branch of PCP presided over the event. Prabhat Kumar Chakma, former president of Baghaichari Thana Branch of PCJSS, Shijak College Principal Subhash Datta Chakma, Sumed Chakma of Parbatya Chattagram Juba Samiti, Chibaron Chakma, joint Organizing Secretary of PCP Rangamati District Branch, Lakkimala Chakma, President of Baghaichari Thana Committee of Parbatya Chattagram Mahila Samiti, Jasmin Chakma, General Secretary of Hill Women’s Federation, Baghaichari Thana Committee were present there as special guests.

Bipul Chakma, vice-president of Shijak College branch of PCP delivered a welcome speech at the event.

Helen Chakma, a general student of Shijak College, read out the congratulation letter to the newcomers and Jotsna Chakma and Gopal Chakma welcomed them with garlands.

As the chief guest Sumati Ranjan Chakma in his speech said, ‘Student society is the strength, courage, and above all a dream of a nation.’

He added, the great leader Manabendra Narayan Larma, the pioneer of the national awakening of the Jumma people, and the present president of the Jana Samhati Samiti Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma, were once students like you. But their course of thoughts was not only limited to study or get a certificate from a reputed educational institution or spending comfortable life being a high ranked government official of the country. Their thoughts were aloft. As students just like you, they initiated the movement to establish the right to self-determination of the Jumma people. I think you should utilize your talent and knowledge for the greatest interest of the Jumma people.

In the speech as the special guest Subhash Datta Chakma said, a student today will lead the society and country in the coming days. Therefore, there must be self-preparation that the country, nation and society benefit from me, and inspiration to move forward.

He added, due to excessive addiction in technology, our generation is deteriorating day by day. They are now so addicted to the technology that they spend significant times of their studies there. However, at this moment they need to study hard. You need to prepare yourself to face any challenge in future. But they are not doing so. So, he urged the parents to be aware of them.

The role of the student society is indescribable, as the most progressive and pioneering part of a nation, Prabhat Kumar Chakma in his speech as special guest said. Apart from your own academic education, you also need to think about how to develop the society and the nation having acquired various educations, and dedicate yourself to the nation in times of crisis or hardship.

He added, for the sake of your bright future, we dedicated our golden period of time at the stage of youth, and we returned to normal life after signing the Accord. Today, the government left the Accord unimplemented and completely neglected. But, the reality of CHT demands, the Accord be implemented. But it is not being implemented. Even, we don’t have as much strength and youth as before. Being a responsible person, you should shoulder the historical responsibility of the Jumma peoples as well as carry out the movement for the full implementation of the Accord.

Chibaron Chakma, joint Organizing Secretary of PCP of Rangamati district branch, said, to get a certificate should not be all for students. The first and foremost aim of a student should be well educated.

He further said, the student society cannot confine themselves in academic studies only. We have to study reality and think of the greater aspect rather than the fixed one. And being a Jumma student, you have responsibility to the Jumma people. From this aspect, playing a vital role to implement the Accord, you must actively take part in the struggle to establish the right to self-determination of the Jumma people.