A Karbari abducted by army-backed terrorists in Bandarban

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 17 June 2022, Bandarban: It has been alleged that a Karbari (village head) named Bijoy Hongsa Chakma (58) was fell victim of abduction from Tankabati Union area of ​​Bandarban Sadar Upazila under Bandarban Hill District by Army and Awami League-backed UPDF (Democratic) terrorists.

It is learnt that the abduction took place at around 3:00 pm on June 17, 2022 from Karbari’s own house. Karbari Bijoy Hongsa Chakma’s house is in Tankabati Punorbasan Chakma Para village in No.6 Ward of Tankabati Union. He is the Karbari of that village.

According to local sources, an armed group of terrorists led by Mongpu Marma (Headman), President of Bandarban District Branch of UPDF (Democratic), Anupam Chakma who is in charge of the administration and Anumong Marma arrived at the village of Tankabati Punorbasan Chakma Para around 3:00 pm today and  kidnapped Bijoy Hongsa Chakma.

The source said that after the abduction of Karbari Bijoy Hongsa Chakma, the kidnappers demanded a ransom of taka one lakh from the victim’s family.

The kidnappers told the victim’s family to contact them immediately  in the forest near Chakma Para in the Meghla tourist area with a ransom of taka 1 lakh. They threatened to hand over the abducted man to the army or police implicating in a murder case if the family did not pay the ransom.

According to the family of the abductee, UPDF (Democratic) terrorists kidnapped Karbari Bijoy Hongsa Chakma once more four months ago and demanded ransom. At that time, the terrorists released Karbari Bijoy Hongsa Chakma with a ransom of Tk 2 lakh and 25 thousand.

Immediately after the abduction, the family informed the administration about the incident and sought their cooperation. At the time of writing this report, no action has been taken by the administration.

A local source said that the kidnappers have so far detained the abducted karbari Bijjoy Hongsa Chakma at their occupied place in the land of Buddhist monastery at Chakma Para in the Meghla tourist area.