Army-backed terrorists release Karbari, but detain his nephew in Bandarban

Photo: Detained victim Narendra Chakma

Hill Voice, 19 June 2022, Bandarban: Army and Awami League-backed UPDF (Democratic) terrorists recently released the Karbari Bijoy Hongsa Chakma (58) abducted from Tankabati Union area of ​​Bandarban Sadar Upazila, but allegedly abducted his nephew Narendra Chakma (35) and detained him.

According to reliable sources, at present  the terrorists have been torturing Narendra Chakma confining him in their occupied place at the Buddhist monastery of Chakma Para in Meghla tourist area of ​​Bandarban Sadar upazila.

It is to be mentioned that on 17th June 2022 at around 3:00 pm a group of armed terrorists led by Mongpu Marma (headman), president of the Bandarban district branch of the UPDF (Democratic) party, Anupam Chakma who is in-charge of the administration and Anumong Marma abducted Karbari Bijoy Hongsa Chakma from his own house. After the abduction, the terrorists demanded a ransom of taka 1 lakh. Later the terrorists released the abducted Karbari in 8 hours on June 18, 2022 at around 11:00 am after the matter was spread on social media including online media ‘Hill Voice’.

It is learnt that on June 18, 2022, the terrorists called Narendra Chakma in the name of releasing Bijoy Hongsa Chakma and handed over his uncle ( father’s elder brother) Bijoy Hongsa Chakma to Narendra Chakma. Narendra Chakma then and there left for home with his uncle Bijoy Hongsa Chakma. But on the way, as soon as they reached at the Reisha Army check post the army personnel let Bijoy Hongsa Chakma go but detained Narendra Chakma.

20 minutes after the army personnel detained Narendra Chakma, Atal Chakma, Anupam Chakma and Rahul Chakma, cadres of the UPDF (Democratic) terrorist group arrived there. Soon after, they took Narendra Chakma to their base area at Chakma Para in Meghla tourist area. Narendra Chakma has so far been detained and reportedly tortured there.

Meanwhile, though the locals know everything but are afraid to tell anyone about the matter.

A local elder who did not want to be named said that the abduction of Narendra Chakma from an army check post by cadres of the UPDF (Democratic) terrorist group was clear evidence of collusion between the army and the terrorists. These terrorists and their terrorist activities have been being carried out with the help and conspiracy of the army.

He further added that such detention and torture of people by UPDF (Democratic) terrorists is completely illegal and a violation of human rights.

The latest news of Narendra Chakma was not known till this afternoon.