Allegation of occupation of cremation ground of indigenous Kol people in Porsha by land grabbers


Hill Voice, 24 July 2020, Naogaon:  It has been accused of trying to occupy the cremation ground of indigenous Kol people of Porsha upazila in Naogaon district. On 23 July 2020 Thursday, indigenous Kol people lodged a complaint with the Porsha Police Station about the attempt to occupy the crematorium. Land grabbers have long threatened to seize the cremation ground of the indigenous Kol people.

According to local sources, there is a cremation ground on 1.08 acres of land belonging to Kol people in Saraigachhi village of Ganguria union of Porsha police station. They have been burying dead bodies there for a long time. Yesterday on 23 July at around 12 noon Thursday, land grabbers tried to occupy the cremation ground with sticks and weapons.

At this time, if the local Kol people obstructed, the land grabbers tried to occupy the land by threatening to kill everyone. In the end, the land occupiers fled in the face of severe resistance from the indigenous Kol people. At that time, they threatened to re-occupy the crematorium of indigenous people by force. In this case, the Kol people are in a state of extreme insecurity and panic.

In this incident, Bhadua Hansda has filed a complaint against the land grabbers Md. Harun Ur Rashid, Md. Ismail Hossain, Adul Hossain and 8 others on behalf of the indigenous Kol people of the village. The Kol people have sought administration intervention to save the crematorium from their land grabbers.