After 14 days of detention in camp, 4 Chak villagers handed over to the police

Victim four villagers

Hill Voice, 16 September 2021, Bandarban: The Bangladesh Army and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) have handed over 4 Chak villagers including Karbari of Kamichhara Chak Para in Douchhari Union of Naikhyongchari Upazila under Bandarban Hill District, after illegally detaining them in camp for 14 days.

Army and BGB members arrested 6 Chak villagers including above mentioned 4 villagers on 1 September. The other two detainees were handed over to the police after being detained four days and inhumanely beaten.

It is learnt that the said 4 Chak villagers, who were arbitrarily detained in camp, were handed over to Naikhyongchhari police station on Tuesday night (14 September 2021). The next day, on 15 September 2021, 4 Chak villagers were produced before the Bandarban District Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court in a false and fabricated case filed by the BGB. Judge Mohammad Khorshed Alam Sikder denied bail to the detainees and sent them to jail.

The victims were identified as Manglafo Chak (60), Chingla Mong Chak (50) and his son Monglathowai Chak (15) and Lagyachu Chak (55). They are all residents of Kamchhara Chak Para village.

The 4 arrested persons were falsely implicated as accused in the case filed on 15 September 2021 under the section 06/06/12/14 of the Anti-Terrorism Act 2009 (No. 2013) and also under section 144/353/308 of Penal Code 1860. The plaintiff in the case is Md. Abul Khair, Naib Subedar of 11 BGB’s Naikhyongchhari Battalion.

According to the family sources of the detainees, the 4 Chak villagers were subjected to severe physical and mental torture.

It is to be noted that even though there is a legal rule or provision to bring any detainee to the court within 24 hours of detention, the army and BGB illegally and unjustly detained the 4 detainees for 14 days and tortured them in camp.

The other two persons handed over to the police in a false case on 4 September 2021 were Uthowai Hla Marma (24), son of Mondow Marma and Manroom Murung (60), son of late Dhui Thong Murung. They were charged in the false and fabricated cases under sections 144, 353, 332, 333 and 307 of the Penal Code.

It may be mentioned that on Wednesday morning, 1 September 2021, a group of joint forces of the Army of Alikadam Zone and the BGB of Naikhyongchari Zone conducted a joint operation in Kamichara Chak Para of Douchari Union. During the operation, the army and BGB members detained these 6 innocent Jumma villagers. After the arrest, the army and BGB members have inhumanely beaten the villagers including some women. During the beating, army and BGB members interrogated them where the JSS terrorists were, how much money they had to pay to them etc.

Soon after the arrest, the army and BGB members took the 6 detainees to an unknown place.