A UPDF member and an innocent villager killed in army firing in Nanyachar

Photo: Dead body of innocent fisherman Indrajoy Chakma

Hill Voice, 14 October 2020, Rangamati: Two persons including a UPDF member and an innocent villager were killed and an innocent youth was beaten and injured in an army raid in Burighat union of Nanyachar upazila in Rangamati district. On the other hand, an army member was killed and another one was injured.

The incident took place at Shaheed Munshi Abdur Rouf Memorial Monument area of ​​Burighat Union on 13 October 2020 Tuesday at 5:00 pm.

According to local sources, the army undertook secret plan with a Bengali fish businessman to catch UPDF members. According to the army’s plan, the Bengali fish trader contacted the UPDF members by phone and set a date for a face-to-face meeting yesterday.

According to the plan, the army rented a tourist boat and went from Rangamati to Shaheed Munshi Abdur Rouf Monument of Burighat Union in civil dress with weapons, allegedly along with some Reformists and UPDF (Democratic) armed terrorists.

As soon as the army reached there, they tied up Binoy Chakma (38), a security guard of the Shaheed Munshi Abdur Rouf Monument, and Indrajoy Chakma (35), a local fisherman, with ropes and beaten up them severely.

Indrajoy Chakma is a fisherman by profession. After fishing, he went to the Shaheed Munshi Abdur Rauf Monument area to smoke. Security guards Binoy Chakma and Indrajoy Chakma are relatives and residents of same village of Dhameichhara of Bandukbhanga union under Rangamati Sadar upazila. Meanwhile, security guard Binoy Chakma informed Burighat camp on the phone about his detention by the army.

The fish trader then reached there by speed boat and informed the UPDF member by phone to come there. Accordingly, UPDF members arrived there by a boat. As soon as they sensed the presence of army personnel at the spot, they opened fire on the army personnel. Then and there two army members fell into the lake. One of them was injured and another was killed, local sources said.

The army, on the other hand, fired back. Ashapurna Chakma Rocket (28), a member of the UPDF, was shot dead in the boat. On the other hand, army also shot Indrajoy Chakma. Indrajoy Chakma was murdered on the spot. Ashapurna Chakma Rocket is the son of Mano Ranjan Chakma of Hajachhari village in Nanyachar upazila.

Then when the army reached from Burighat, the security guard Binoy Chakma was released. It is learnt that Binoy Chakma helped to put bodies of the deceased in the boat.