A Jumma picked up by the army in Rowangchhari


Hill Voice, 3 October 2020, Bandarban: Ukyamang Marma (46), a resident of Chahla Para in Alekshyang Union of Rowangchhari upazila of Bandarban district, was picked up from his house by the army of Liraghai army camp under Rowangchhari upazila and taken to the camp. The incident took place on 3 October 2020 Saturday at 5.00 pm.

According to local sources, six Tripura families from Kachhaptali Jadumani Tripura Para converted to Islam before five months due to various temptations and financial support of the army.

Among them, Ankhila Tripura, now known as Abdul Salam Karbari, and Salamat Ullah Huzur, in direct collaboration with the army, forcibly occupied the land of Ukyamong Marma and built a mosque on this land very overnight. Salamat Ullah Huzur has been given the responsibility of Imamate in that mosque.

Ukyamong Marma, the owner of the land, came to know about the matter late due to his stay in Bandarban. As soon as he learned, he came to the spot and obstructed the construction of the mosque and requested to remove the mosque.

At one point there was a quarrel between the two sides and at a stage Huzur and Abdus Salam Karbari became aggressive. Then looking situation strange, Ukyamong Marma returned home. At 5.00 pm today, the army came in a vehicle and picked up Ukyamong Marma.

Ukyamong Marma was not released at the time of writing this report. The Ukyamong Marma’s family is concerned about his safety.