A blitz operation of army in Rangamati Balukhali, harassment

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 18 November 2023, Rangamati: It has been reported that a blitz patrol operation was conducted in Basanta Nichu Para area of Balukhali Union under the leadership of a subedar from Morichyabil Army Camp of Rangamati Balukhali Union.

According to local sources, on Saturday (November 18) the house of Nantu Chakma, member of Ward No. 8, was raided by Morichyabil army camp of Rangamati Balukhali Union. Nantu Chakma and his family were not present at home at that time.

After that while returning to the camp, the army personnel wandered around the house for a while and went to the tea shop of Palash Chakma in the same area. They asked, “Whether the terrorist came there or anyone seen? Do not lie or else you all will be arrested etc.”

Later, Palash Chakma (28), s/o Nil Mohan Chakma and Sujanmoy Chakma (30), s/o Purna Mohan Chakma were photographed by army personnel while returning to the camp around 3 pm.