8 innocent villagers detained by army in Raikhali Kaptai, 6 more beaten


Hill Voice, 15 August 2020, Rangamati: It is alleged that six villagers were detained by the army, five more were beaten and two rounds of blank shots were fired to create panic in the village of Raikhali union of Kaptai upazila of Rangamati district.

According to local sources, 0n 14 August 2020 Friday at 5:00 pm, the army on duty at the newly set up army camp at Mitingyachhari Para of Ward No. 8 of Raikhali Union under the 23E Bengal Regiment Zone of Kaptai army zone, first arrested two innocent villagers from their homes. After arrest, the army took them to the camp.

One of the detainees is identified as Manthoaiching Marma (45), son of Mongpaiching Marma of Panchhari Para in Ward 8 of Raikhali Union. He is a Jum farmer and day laborer. Another detainee is Athui Marma (14), son of Amui Marma of Tinchhari Jumia Punorbasan Para, Ward No. 7 of the same Union. He is a seventh-grade student.

At 6:00 pm on the same day, men and women from the village went to the army camp to rescue the two innocent people detained by the army. At this time the army members prevented the villagers from advancing towards the camp.

At that time, the army fired two rounds of blank shots from the army camp to disperse the villagers, ignoring the army’s obstruction and demanding the release of the detainees. However, when the villagers advanced, the army attacked them with sticks. Men and women were indiscriminately beaten up by army. At least six women, including an eighty-year-old woman, were reportedly injured.

Among the injured women are: (1) Chingkra Marma, 80, of Panchhari Para; (2) Wangsang Marma, wife of Amui Marma, Panchhari Para; (3) Meno Marma, 30 years, wife of Uhlaching Marma, Tinchhari Jumia Punorbasan Para; (4) Ukraching Marma, 32 years, wife of Kamal Chandra Tanchangya, Tinchhari Jumia Punorbasan Para; (5) Masuiching Marma, 55 years, wife of Rusaiu Marma, Tinchhari Jumia Punorbasan Para. Suithowaiching Marma was known as an assistant teacher at Tinchhari Government Primary School.

The army detained six more villagers from the scene of the attack on the villagers by the army. They have been detained in the army camp.

The detainees have been identified as (1) Kaladhan Chakma, 35 years, son of Baitya Chakma; (2) Baitya Chakma, 65 years, son of Kehadhan Chakma; (3) Anthowaiu Karbari, 60, son of late Suihla Marma; (4) Sachindra Tanchangya, 55, son of late Balmani Tanchangya; (5) Uchingmong Marma, 35; (7) Suithowaiching Marma, 35, son of late Suihla Aung Marma. All the detainees are residents of Tinchhari Jumia Punorbasan Para.

At present, army are reportedly conducting raids on nearby villagers to detain the villagers. It is learnt that the male members of the village fled the village for fear of arrest. Extreme panic and insecurity is prevailing in the area due to this incident.

It is learnt that all the detainees have been released a while ago after the Kaptai Zone Commander came there.