7 Jumma villagers beaten by KNF in Ruma

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 19 December 2023, Bandarban: It has been reported that seven villagers were beaten up, poultry and domestic animals taken away, and money robbed from a Buddhist monk by KNF terrorists from 3 villages of Paindu union in Ruma upazila of Bandarban district.

According to local source, on December 16 (Saturday) at 6 am, a 15-member of KNF armed terrorist group took away a rooster, having entered the Changdala Para of Ward No. 9 in Paindu union under Ruma Upazila.

From there, they went to Sangnakra Para. Reaching there, they took out the monk of the vihara and began to abused him indecently. At gun point, they also took away 5 roosters and a goat from those villagers without Payment.

Then at 7 pm, they went Moyalopi Marma Para of the same union. Just after arrival, they mercilessly beat and seriously injured 7 residents of the village including village karbari.

The injured were- (1) Sanaiong Marma (Karbari), (2) Hlathowyching Marma, (3) Aungchingnu Marma, (4) Kyamongching Marma, (5) Luprusing Marma, (6) Mongwei Marma and (7) Shoiprue Marma.

Having beaten the villagers, the armed group of KNF reportedly snatched away Tk 5000 from a Buddhist monk of Mualapi Marma Para.

It is to be noted that since the meeting with the Peace Committee, the violence of the KNF terrorists has increased to an unbearable stage. Among the main conditions of consensus, on the November 5 meeting, was the KNF and the army would not attack each other during the dialogue. The KNF armed terrorists, taking the advantage of it, have been harassing the local Marma, Tripura, Tanchangya, Mro and Khumi by reckless extortion, abduction, beating, looting, vandalism, threats and taking away poultry and domestic animals at gun point- spreading fear and panic among the people of the area.