Hill Voice Correspondent, 2 October 2019, Wednesday, Rangamati:  Tatindra-Sudarshan-led reformist group has kidnapped 5 innocent villagers from Marishya Bazar under Baghaichari upazila in Rangamati district at gun point. On 2 October, Wednesday, was market day of Marishya Bazar. Accordingly, all walk of local people came to Marishya bazar for marketing. During the pick hour of the market at around 9:00 am, reformist terrorists kidnapped following 5 villagers from the bazar at the day light on the nose of police and military forces:

(1) Purna Kishore Chakma, s/o Lalan Bihari Chakma of lower Baghaichari village of Baghaichari union;

(2) Satya Lal Chakma, s/o late Jatra Mohan Chakma of Madhyam Baghaichari village of Baghaichari union;

(3) Sajib Chakma, s/o Kali Charan Chakma of Madhyam Baghaichari village of Baghaichari union;

(4) Kalachiji Chakma, s/o Bela Chakma of Ugolchari village of Baghaichari union;

(5) Babulya Chakma, s/o late Bharat Chandra Chakma of Uttor Sijok of Sarboyatali union.

It is learnt that the kidnapped persons were taken to Baghaichari bridge area where a group of reformists led by Aungshuman Chakma and Apan Chakma equipped with arms was staying at that time. It is worthy to be mentioned that there is a post of BGB at the bridge. However, despite reformist miscreants were staying with guns openly in the day light, BGB personnel did not take any action against them. It is reported that Aungshuman Chakma and Apan Chakma demanded two lacs from each kidnapped person as ransom. Very recently, reformist group has been demanding large sums of money from each village. Those who failed to pay money as per their demand, they have been subjected to victim of abduction and are compelled to pay money as ransom. It is learnt that two persons was released in the evening of 2nd October and rest were freed on 3rd October in lieu of big amount of ransom.