4 abducted by army-backed terrorists in Baghaichari, 3 villages fined


Hill Voice, 02 July 2020, Rangamati:  Four Jumma people were allegedly abducted by army-backed UPDF (Democratic) armed terrorists in Baghaichhari in Rangamati district. It is learnt that the terrorists fired 4/5 rounds of blank shots during the abduction.

Three abductions from Nolbania

According to local sources, on 30 June 2020, Tuesday, at 3:00 pm, the three innocent Jumma villagers, namely, Chikko Chakma, 55, son of Bijay Mohan Chakma; Pulin Bihari Chakma (40), son of Bindu Kumar Chakma and Shanti Bikash Chakma son of Shivratan Chakma of Nalbania village in Khedarmara union of Baghaichhari upazila were abducted by UPDF (Democratic) armed terrorists at gunpoint.

Later, on the same day, at around 4.00 pm, local union council member Olinda Chakma was called to Pakujjachhari village and the detainees were released on bail under custody of said member and a local guardian. At 10.00 am the next day at the time of release, all the men of Nalbania village were instructed to be present at Pakujjachhari village.

One abducted from Lalayaghona

Niketan Chakma, 28, was abducted from his home in Lalayaghona village in Baghaichhari upazila of Rangamati district by army-backed Reformist terrorists yesterday (1 July) and was released this afternoon in exchange for a ransom.

According to local sources, on July 1, 2020 at around 9.30 pm a group of Reformist terrorists abducted Niketan Chakma from his house at gunpoint.

Today on 2 July 2020 around 2:00 pm, the Reformist terrorists called Niketan Chakma’s father Ajit Chakma and demanded Tk. 10 lakh as ransom for the abduction. However, after a lot of bargaining, the Reformists agreed to release the abductee in exchange for 3 lakh rupees, and they said that the abductor would be killed if he did not pay Tk. 3 lakh by 6:00 pm today.

Finally, Ajit Chakma went to a place on the west side of Marisha Bridge in Baghaichhari Sadar at 4.45 pm today and rescued his son Niketan Chakma from the Reformists in exchange for a ransom of Tk 230,000.

Reformists are alleged to have inhumanely beaten Niketan Chakma. It is learnt that Niketan Chakma is the organizing secretary of Baghaichhari Union Committee of CHT Youth Association.

Three villagers fined

Local sources further informed that on 02 July 2020 Wednesday, the UPDF (Democratic) terrorists led by Asim Chakma held a meeting with the common people and elders of Nalbania, Silebachhara and Debachhari villages of Baghaichhari upazila at a place named Duikilo.

At the meeting, Nalbania villagers were fined Tk 50,000, Silebachhara villagers Tk 10,000 and Debachhari villagers were fined Tk 10,000. The fine was to be paid by July 5.