33 families of remote Dolu Para suffering from unknown diseases


Hill Voice, 29 June 2020, Rangamati:  It has been reported that about 33 families, including a former female UP member, have been infected with an unknown disease in a village called Dolu Para in Ward No. 6 of Fatikchhari Union in Kaukhali Upazila of Rangamati.

Panic has gripped the area as an unknown disease appeared in the area during the corona virus epidemic.

According to local sources, in the last 5 months, people in Dolu Para have been infected with an unknown disease. More than half of the people in the locality are affected by it. Due to fearing, 36 families have already left the village.

Dhankumar Chakma, chairman of Fatikchhari Union Parishad, said, “When we get the news that people are getting infected with unknown diseases in Dolu Para area, we go to the spot and discuss the unknown diseases with the family members and people’s representatives.”

“I went to the health center and advised them for treatment, but they did not take my words into account,” he said. “I think the patients will be better off if they are treated with government assistance,” he said.

So far no patient has sought treatment from a doctor in the area and the medical team has not inquired, said Dhankumar Chakma.