UP member released after torturing in Kaptai zone for 7 days


Hill Voice, 4 May 2020, Rangamati:  An elected member of Ward No. 8 of Raikhali Union in Kaptai Upazila named Suichapru Marma, who was reportedly arrested by the Kaptai Army Zone in Rangamati district, has been released from the Kaptai Army Zone after being inhumanely beaten for seven days.

It is learnt from local sources that on 27 April, Suichapru Marma was arrested by the Kaptai Army Zone. After his arrest, he was detained at the Kaptai army zone for 7 days. At that time, he was brutally tortured and severely injured.

After being torture for 7 days in army zone, on 3 May 2020 Monday at around 4:00 pm, Suichapru Marma was released on condition from Kaptai Army Zone with serious injuries handing over to his wife and younger brother.

If someone is arrested, according to the law, arrestee has to be appeared before court within 24 hours. But in violation of this law, Suichapru Marma was detained in the army zone for 7 days and was inhumanely tortured and seriously injured.

Recently, the incidents of illegal detention and torture in the army camp for several days have been increased in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

For instance, on 5 April, a group of army personnel led by Subedar Farooq and Subedar Alamgir of Subalong Army Camp apprehended an innocent villager named Shanti Jiban Chakma alias Ajit (45). After that, he was detained in Subalong Camp for 4 days without permission from or producing before court. Later, he was handed over to Barkal police station on 8 April.

On the other hand, after the arrest of a young man named Riaz Chakma (18) by the army members of Jurachhari army camp on 13 April, he was detained for 7 days in Banjogichhara zone of Jurachhari and handed over to Kotwali police station on 20 April.

Such a way, the army have been carrying out anti-humanitarian activities in the Chittagong Hill Tracts by arresting people, detaining them in camps day after day, inhumanely torturing them, sending them to jail in false cases and searching houses of innocent villagers.

On the one hand, the army have been obstructing the implementation process of the CHT Accord in various ways, on the other hand, have settled down outsider Muslim families in the CHT and carried out communal attacks one after another on the indigenous Jumma peoples and confiscation of their land.