Two Jummas abducted by army-backed terrorists in Rangamati

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Hill Voice, 18 November 2021, Rangamati: Two Jumma villagers were allegedly abducted from their homes by army-back armed terrorists from Nanyachar upazila headquarters in Rangamati district.

The incident took place on November 12 (Friday) at 11.30 pm in the T&T Bazar area of Nanyachar upazila.

The two persons abducted from T&T market are Sushil Chakma (50), son of Krishna Chakma and Jatil Chakma (Bakka Baap) (30), son of Fani Bhushan Chakma.

According to local sources, at 11.30 pm on the day of the incident, the Army-backed terrorist UPDF (Democratic) led by Rono Chakma abducted the two persons from their homes in the TNT Bazar area.

It is unknown at this time where the abductees were kept after kidnapping. However, the locals suspected that they have been kept in a place called Gulsachari of Burighat Union, as the terrorists have been staying at Gulsachhari for many months.

On the other hand, on 17 November 2021, at 12:00 noon Samresh Chakma (32), son of Bimal Chakma of Mogban Union, was called by the UPDF (Democratic), an army-backed terrorist to their station at Jibtali Chairman Para and reportedly tortured.

He himself did not know the reason for his physical abuse. After being tortured, he was released on 18 November 2021 with an order to meet them again.