Shashanka Dhamai abducted & threatened by Reformist terrorists in Guimara


Hill Voice, 01 August 2020, Khagrachari:  It has been alleged that the army-backed Reformist terrorists have abducted an innocent villager named Shashank Dhamai (73) from Bailyachhari village in Guimara union of Guimara upazila under Khagrachhari district.

The abductee is the father of Binota Moy Dhamai, who is an expert member of the United Nations Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (EMRIP), Executive Member of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) and International Affairs Secretary of the Bangladesh Indigenous Peoples Forum.

According to local sources, yesterday (31 July 2020) around 7:35 pm on Friday, Shashank Dhamai (Tripura) was preparing to have tea at a tea shop called ‘Jirendra Shop’ of Bailyachari village near his house. At that time 4 armed cadres of the Reformist group came to the shop on motorcycles and took Shashank Dhamai away after knowing his name.

However, around 11 pm, he returned home according to reliable sources. However, he was asked to be present along with local leaders at the Reformist office on Saturday.

Accordingly, today on 01 August Saturday morning, Shashanka Dhamai with some elders of the area went to the office of the Reformists in Matiranga upazila headquarters to meet Reformists.

At that time the Reformists threatened to face dire consequences if he did not comply with their order.

Matiranga correspondent informed that the Reformists stationed at their office along with small firearms very closed to Matiranga police station and army camp near to 4 storeys building of Islamic Foundation.

There has been extreme panic and anger in the area as the Reformists under the shelter of army have been extorting there in broad daylight. Shashank Dhamai and his family are now in extreme insecurity.

According to local sources, Shashank Dhamai had earlier suffered a heart attack. Since then he has been suffering from physical illness.

It is to be mentioned that earlier, Shashank Dhamai was abducted in 2004 by anti-CHT Accord armed terrorists.