Nila Killing, Raping Indigenous Women and Our Mentality


Supriti Dhar

Everyone wants to remain politically correct. I find no unfairness in this aspiration. One may desires to be so. They may say that the victim cannot be judged on race and religion. Is that actually so? But that there works some kind of ‘politics’ behind each incident is also has to be comprehended. A dying state, when it gets detracted from sense of ethics; fails to ensure security to lives and properties of the people; then there appears such anarchism. Such has been getting with. Talking about security to some community, which is reducing from small to smaller is tantamount to remaining silent. I know, sort of this genre will cast no shade even in mental equilibrium of yours – the high or middle class people.

Research on ‘vagina and politics’ is being conducted in the west. That the extent of role played by vagina or cunt, can be comprehended in the policy manuals of every nation state. It is the welfare states that keep this issue in mind while determining the policy for which it becomes possible for women to lead almost a secured life there. But on the contrary, it is the non-wellbeing or patriarchal family, society or a nation state tends to exercise their authority on the vagina. This scenario becomes vivid if every incident that occurred past in a woman is given a threadbare review with retrospective affect.

Just behold! When a Hindu girl becomes a victim of assault, a victim of raping or killing, only then people of a particular community burst into protest while all others gain ‘Nirban’ – the divine goal of freedom from bondage; by then, even a little bit becomes basically comprehensible as to wherein the difference is vested. Similarly, when a female child or woman of indigenous origin gets raped one after another or dies a painful death or having been killed; then the protest does not gather that much moss – as the magnitude of protest takes place when it happens with a woman belonging to a ‘special class.’ Someone wrote: if it had happen with an elite woman in Dhaka, then the Facebook celebrities would have trembled the Keyboard – the statement is not a lie at all. As for me, I do not participate in all such protests – I confess my offence. But mine is not for having blind inclination to a particular community, in fact, protestation in all cases does not get materialized in this days. We are in the field for the years together long in protest against raping; writings on the issue are mounting; but practically, are we getting any result? If we had attained a result at all; that very indigenous woman would not have fallen to such a plight.

I learnt from the news, a mentally challenged indigenous woman was gang raped by 9 Muslim Bengali settlers at her home in Bolpeya Adam village adjacent to No. 1 Golabari Union of Khagrachari Upazila Sadar under khagrachhari Hill District and valuables in the house were looted. The incident happened at midnight on Thursday. A group of Muslim settlers equipped with sharp-lethal weapon and entered the house breaking the door. Firstly, as mother tried to protect, the miscreants tied up mother and ailing father with rope and closed them in a room. Afterward they raped the girl by turns. The victim has informed that though she does not know them by name yet she knows by their appearances. Each of them is an inhabitant of Ganja Para village of Khagrachari sadar.

One photograph has gone viral on the Facebook. A blood-bathed girl is being seen held and escorting by her father and mother. The photograph may not depict yesterday’s incident but the incident is true to the fact, no doubt. Let the photograph be an earlier one but that the girl was victimized of that sort of raping, is true. When I see the photograph from behind, I see, as if it were me.

This, the very girl who is being walked somehow; whose back is blood stained; profuse bleeding rolls down her legs from the gap of her paijama, the lower wear; you know, was it me? Yes, it was me; it was you and it could be you also.

The reason is, you do have vagina and also breast; ours is a woman body; our strength is less; we are vulnerable; we do not exist in ours; and hence, we are victims.

The issue that matters most is, the whole country is in the pool of blood together with this girl. It is a country of the sort, which does not possess sense of morality; no law is put to action here; all matters get stopped unaddressed; as if, women are not humans; they are only an appearance; as if a woman is a sister to no one; not a wife; and not a sweet heart to someone else!

Do say all of you, who is not blood bathed? Whose vagina is unhurt? Whose body and mind are intact? With this photograph, it seems having resemblance to the photograph depicting a dead body of a victimized girl, gang raped by the Pak army in 1971 lying in lap of her brother! I do not know why, on looking at the photo, I am feeling heaviness at my lower part; I am feeling pain; I am feeling blood-bathed myself.

The girls become more vulnerable by identity of their classes and communities. By then their vaginas and breasts become unmistakable weapon to the enemies. The males intend to strike there and they really can. Because, they know, state does not stand behind that class or community.

How many times are we to demonstrate protest? On becoming bloody of how many girls will make someone feel shaken? None will feel shaken – I know. Who have brought in and primed the Bengali settlers in the hills? Which force is keeping vigilance there?

I would like to urge to the plain dwellers, have a look, up there goes mushrooming of entertaining sites one after another for you; it is you people who go there and have fun amidst pouring in drinks in glasses. Have you ever thought, weeping of how many indigenous souls got deposited with the earth there? No, you do not feel like. Because, news on this, will invite low tide to your fun making.

Are you aware, as to how many indigenous people, having dispossessed of their lands and homesteads, are getting dispersed all over the world? About how many of them do you keep record? It is for a certain that you will not open up your mouth against the army. But at least you do concede to the extent before you leave that it is the army, while being protector, are playing role of predator. No indigenous people living inside the country can open up mouth because of having some device primed at the back. What a life of every one of them! Nothing exists as own country; neither security nor freedom.

Where the state owns a particular religion, people of other faiths turn into minorities there; and the women comprise the biggest minority in the world; who is unaware of this! See the indigenous sister of mine who has been passing mentally an imbalanced state of mind for losing brother and father simultaneously; what would be her condition after the last night’s incident – thought over this, makes my body filled with tremors.