50 more infested with measles in the hills, 1 die in Dighinala, 6 hospitalized in Ruma


Hill Voice, 29 March 2020, Chittagong Hill Tracts:  Alongside remote areas of Sajek of Rangamati and of Lama of Bandarban of CHT, more than 50 children in new places in Dighnala upazila under Bandarban hill district and in Ruma upazila under Bandarban hill district have been infected with measles. At least one child has reportedly died from and more than half a hundred have been infected with measles outbreak in Dighinala. Till writing this report, it is learnt that another child has come under alarming condition. On the other, 4 children have been hospitalized due to attack by measles in Ruma.

It is learnt that since 16 March 2020 six Marma children from Ruma Sadar, Jolengya and Taindu Unions of Ruma upazila and Sadar Union of Bandarban sadar upazila were admitted to Ruma Health Centre due to suffering from measles. It has been learnt that 5 children have returned to their home after recovering. However, one child was referred to Bandarban sadar hospital for better treatment. The 6 children infested with measles identified as-

  • U Mong Marma (7 years), s/o Shoila Prue Marma, Asrompara, Ruma Sadar. He was admitted on 16 March and released on 19 March.
  • Dochingnu Marma (9 months), s/o Thowaiching Marma, Kiouabua Para, Ruma Sadar Union. He was admitted on 17 March and released on 21 March.
  • Dochoi Marma (16 months), s/o Joly Mong Marma, Panthola Para, Jelenga Union. He was admitted on 17 March and released on 21 March.
  • Uhaiching Marma (6 years), s/o Chonu Marma, Polyprangsha Para, Taindu Union. He was admitted on 18 March and released on 23 March.
  • Suiching Mong Marma (3 years), s/o Mongtu Marma, Longjuri Para, Bandarban Sadar Union. He was admitted on 19 March and released on 22 March.
  • Suimeching Marma (4 years), s/o Pruecha Aung Marma, Mongprue Para, Bandarban Sadar Union. He was admitted on 22 March. 22-24 Later on 24 March, he was referred to Bandarban Sadar hospital for better treatment. But it is not known he was taken to Bandarban hospital.

On the other, on 28 March 2020 in evening Dhonika Tripura (9), daughter of Mr. Ami Ranjan Tripura has died of measles outbreak at village of Rathi Chandra Karbari Para populated by indigenous Tripura community of Merung union under Dighinala upazila.  Dhonika Tripura is a student of grade three of a local non-government primary school. Besides, on 29 March 2020 at noon another child named Panthoi Tripura (9) has been admitted to Dighinala Health Complex in senseless condition.

According to local sources, there have at least more than half a hundred children been infected with measles. Most of them are under 10.

It is learnt that on receiving the news of the incident a medical team led by Dighinala UNO (upazila executive officer) Mohammad Ullah and Upazila Health & Family Planning Officer Dr. Tanay Talukdar went to the spot on 29 March 2020. It is also learnt that Upazila Health & Family Planning Officer Dr. Tanay Talukdar pointed out about the disease that though there is symptom of measles, it is not certain without test.

However, the veteran locals, noticing the symptoms of the disease, believe this as measles.

Locals allege that as a remote area, no health service staff comes to this village. Also, their children have not been vaccinated.