Land of an indigenous Barman occupied in Tangail


Hill Voice, 29 April 2020, Tangail:  A house is being constructed by occupying the land of an indigenous Burman villager in Icharchala village of Ghatail upazila of Tangail district.

It has been alleged that the land of an indigenous man was occupied at Icharchala village in Ghatail upazila of Tangail district and a house was built by the occupiers. The victim has lodged a written complaint with the Upazila Nirbahi Officer and Ghatail Police Station seeking redressal.

According to the written complaint, Furendra Chanda Barman, son of the late Khagendra Chandra Barman, owns 0.18 acre of land in Sagardighi mouza. Some people including Mahananda of Phulmalirchala village have forcibly occupied the land. They also built houses there.

It is alleged that a deed has been made with the signature on the white stamp by intimidating Furendra Chandra Barman. The chairman of the union council has assisted in this misdeed.

Accused Mahananda said, “The land was bought for Tk 340,000 and a written document was made after paying Tk 3 lakh. It was not possible to make official deed as the office was closed. Construction of houses on the land was started in their presence. So, there is no question of forcible occupation.”

Hekmat Sikder, Chairman of Sagardighi Union Parishad, said, “I have heard that Furendra has made a deed of land with the consent of both the parties.”

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Anjan Kumar Sarkar said the allegations were being investigated. Both sides have been instructed not to build any more installations on the dispute land.

Source: Kaler Kantho