Kidnapping, killing, extortion by army-backed terrorists


Hill Voice, 19 September 2020: Recently the incidents of abduction of a person in Khagrachari, the shooting death of another person in Nanyachar, threatening and collection of extortion from Jumma shopkeepers and employees in Barkal and the fishermen of Jibtali in Rangamati by army-backed Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) armed terrorists have been reported.

One abducted from Alutila in Khagrachari

It is reported that a person has been abducted from a shop in the Alutila Rishang Jharna area of ​​Khagrachhari by army-backed Reformist terrorists led by Fulen Tripura. The abductee’s name is Dullye Tripura, son of Naja Kumar Tripura. The abduction took place on 17 September 2020 Thursday afternoon.

Extortion from Jumma shopkeepers and employees of Barkal through threats

On 12 September 2020 Saturday, a group of Reformist armed groups demanded Tk. 3,000 from each of the Jumma shopkeepers in Barkal Bazar of Barkal Upazila. According to local sources, the shopkeepers later collected Tk. 500 from each shop and sent it to the Reformists.

Besides, at the lend of August, Jumma employees in Barkal Upazila were reported to have paid Tk. 1,500 to Tk. 2,000 per person to army-backed Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) armed terrorists as extortion. It is learnt that some employees have been extorted Tk. 20,000 by threatening to be involved in the 7-murder case in Baghmara of Bandarban if they do not pay the extortion.

A Jumma shopkeeper shot dead at Kutukchari in Nanyachar

On 8 September 2020 at the evening, Suresh Kumar Chakma (56), a resident of Shikal Para, Ward N. 7 of Ghilachhari Union in Nanyachar Upazila, was shot dead by the Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) in his own tea shop near Ghilachhari Union Social Welfare Passenger Shed. The miscreants came there by an autorickshaw and shot at him and he died on the spot.

Property of two families looted and destroyed in Jibtali

The families of Samiran Chakma and Prakriti Chakma (Sona Moni), the residents of Chairman Para, returned home on 14 September 2020 after reaching a settlement after being out of the area for a month under the threat of Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) armed terrorists. After returning, Samiran Chakma’s wife Refa Chakma and Prakriti Chakma (Sona Moni)’s wife Shantana Chakma saw that their two families’ furniture and valuables had been looted and vandalised by terrorists. According to local sources, the loss of the two families could be at least Tk. 5 lakh.

Collection of extortion from the owners of Kejki nets in Jibtali

On 14 August 2020, all the Jumma fishermen of Kejki nets of Jibtali Union were directed by Kaptai Army Zone to be present in the Army Zone. When 16 fishermen went to the army zone, the army authorities imposed a ban on fishing in the wider lake.

On the other hand, on 17 August 2020, the army-backed UPDF (Democratic) and Reformist terrorists instructed all the Jumma fishermen of Kejki nets of Jibatali Union to be present at their base (hideout) at Chairman Para. When the fishermen went there to meet them, the terrorists demanded an annual donation of Tk. 6,000 from each Kejki net owner and ordered him to pay the amount by 7 September 2020. After many pleas and requests from the fishermen, the terrorists finally fixed Tk. 4,000 per fisherman.

There are at least 200 Jumma owners of Kejki nets in Jibtali Union and Mogban Union. The names of 15 fishermen from Panchhari Para, 24 people from Chairman Para, 21 people from Bakchhari Para, 8 people from Renkhyang Bazar and 8 fishermen from Dhulyachhari Para of Jibatali Union have been found who are compelled to pay extortion. According to local sources, at least Tk. 8 lakh have been collected from the 200 owners of Kejki nets.