Jumma carpenter arrested by army-backed Reformists in Jibtali and handed over to army camp


Hill Voice, 7 August 2020, Rangamati: It has been alleged that an innocent Jumma carpenter was arrested and handed over to the Gabghona army camp by an army-backed Reformist armed terrorist in Jibtali union of Rangamati Sadar upazila.

According to local sources, Birojit Chakma (26), son of Sabinal Chakma, a resident of Panchhari village in Jibtali union, goes to Dhanpata village every day in the morning to work as a carpenter and returns to his home in Panchhari village at around 7 pm in a trawler.

On 6 August 2020, at around 7:00 pm, on the way back to his home, while Birojit Chakma reached the check post of the army-backed Reformist armed terrorists near to the house of Adhir Chakma (Hegera), the terrorists ordered him to be hauled to the wharf.

As soon as the trawler was loaded at the check post as per the instructions, the terrorists got into the trawler and first snatched the mobile phone from Birojit Chakma. Then they took him to their base (hideout) at Chairman Para of Jibtali.

After harassment and interrogation, the Reformist terrorists handed over Birojit Chakma to the local Gabaghona army camp at around 10 pm, local sources said.

Today on 7 August Sudatta Chakma, chairman of Jibtali Union Parishad and Nayan Moni Chakma, a member of the Ward No. 4 of the same unionalong with Birojit Chakma’s parents, went to the base of the Reformist terrorists in the neighborhood to find out about Birojit Chakma. But the Reformist terrorists did not tell them anything about Birojit Chakma.

Today around 9:00 am one Md. Zahir from Gabaghona went to Gabghona camp and requested camp authority to release Birojit Chakma. In reply, the Gabaghona camp authority told Md.Zahir that they could not release Birojit Chakma. The camp authority rather advised Md. Zahir to go to the Reformists and if the Reformists agree to release, then the camp authority would release Birojit.

At present, his parents are worried about where Birojit Chakma is kept or in what condition he is.

Two detainees from Moroghona released from Rangamati zone

Two persons namely Sonadhan Chakma and Chikko Chakma, who were detained by army of Moroghona Deppochari army camp on August 5 and 6 from Moroghona in Mogban Union, were released from Rangamati Zone Headquarters today.

According to local sources, Sonadhan Chakma and Chikko Chakma were handed over to Dipuran Chakma, a member of Ward No. 5 of Mogban Union, Dipankar Dewan, headman of local mouza and Anupam Karbari (Sudhir) of Deppochari village by Rangamati zone authority.