International virtual tribute to Dr. R S Dewan on 12 Aug


10 August 2021, Hill Voice, International Desk: An international virtual tribute to Dr. Ramendu Shekhar Dewan titled “Dedication of Dr. R. S. Dewan: Self-determination of Indigenous Jumma Peoples in CHT” is going to be held on 12 August 2021, Thursday, at 6:30 pm (Bangladesh standard time).
According to Rega Connects (Facebook page), it is learnt that International friends, human rights activists and prominent intellectuals working on the CHT issue around the globe will speak at this commemoration.
Among others, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mey, Ethnological Museum, Hamburg, Germany & Co-founder of CHT Commission; Dr. Aditya Kumar Dewan, Professor at Concordia University, Canada; Jenneke Arens, Co-founder of CHT Commission and Jan Reynders, Senior Consultant, from The Netherlands; Elsa Stamatopoulou, Co-Chair of CHT Commission & Professor at Columbia University, USA; Prof. Mesbah Kamal, Department of History, Dhaka University, Bangladesh; Sophie Grig, Survival International, London; Ralph Bunche, Secretary-General of Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation from Belgium et al are expected to be participated in the tribute as speaker.
The event will be streaming Live at Changma Pb and Rega Connects