Human chain of Marma people demanding restoration of crematorium

Photo : Ajker Patrika

Hill Voice, 10 November 2021, Rangamati: There have been allegations of occupation of crematorium by settlers in Marma Para of Balukhali Union under Rangamati Sadar Upazila in Rangamati.

On Tuesday (November 9) morning, people of the Marma community staged a human chain in front of the Rangamati Deputy Commissioner’s Office demanding rescue of the occupied crematorium. Later, the people of Marma community of Balukhali Marma Para also gave a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner.

Speakers at the human chain said that on November 4, a settler named Ismail Hossain with some construction workers made fence the crematorium place. Ismail Hossain threatened the people of the area when they tried to stop him. After reporting the matter to the police, the police asked Ismail to stop the work but he continued his work and threatened the people of the area.

Speakers at the human chain warned that if the crematorium was not rescued, bloody clashes would break out at any moment.

Hla Prue Chai Marma, Information and Publicity Secretary of Marma Cultural Organization (Masas); Bulichai Marma, Office Secretary; Kazuo Kanchai Marma, General Secretary of Marma Student Council; Former President Usaimong Marma; and Soikat Ranjan Chowdhury, General Secretary of Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee.

References: Ajker Patrika