Harassment of a Jumma family by army-backed armed terrorists in Dighinala


Hill Voice, 4 August 2020, Khagrachari:

An innocent Jumma family has been threatened and harassed in various ways by army-backed Reformist terrorists in Merung area of ​​Dighinala of Khagrachhari district,

According to local sources, on 4 August 2020 at the afternoon, a group of Reformist and UPDF-Democratic terrorists called an innocent Jumma named Jurosen Chakma (65), a resident of Chhota Kangara Heiya area of ​​Merung Union, to their base. The terrorists misbehaved with Jurosen Chakma and threatened to extort huge sums of money. At one stage, one of the leaders of the terrorists, Fighter Chakma snatched Jurosen Chakma’s mobile phone and SIM card.

It is learnt that Jurosen Chakma’s son is an active member of the PCJSS.

According to ​​the locals, this is why the Reformists and the UPDF-Democratic terrorists are misbehaving Jurosen Chakma like this. But it is their question that, will his elderly father be misbehaved inhumanely as a member of another party?

Locals also said that Reformist and UPDF-Democratic terrorists often harass and supress people and demand extortion in various ways in the area. Though the authorities of the administration have been informed about this more than once, they have been playing a silent role.