False charges filed against 23 innocent Jummas, including PCJSS leaders and activists in Rajasthali


Hill Voice, 17 October 2020, Rangamati: A false case has been filed against 23 innocent Jummas, including local leaders and activists of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Jana Sanmhati Samiti (PCJSS), by falsely implicating them in the murder of a Bengali fish trader in Rajasthali, Rangamati district. In addition, 10/15 more unidentified Jummas were also charged in the case, citing so-called ‘armed hill terrorists’.

The 23 falsely accused in the case are- 1. Sushanta Tanchangya (50), son of Binoy Kanti Tanchangya, village-Headman Para, Rajasthali; 2. Pulkhai Marma (55), son of late Thoaiaungkhoi Marma, village-Gainda Para, Rajasthali; 3. Subash Thanchangya (40), son of Lalon Tanchangya, village-Mohabbat Para, Rajasthali; 4. Rahul Tanchangya (40), son of late Pakaiya Tanchangya, village-Naraichari Ghilamukh Para, Rajasthali; 5. Santalal Tanchangya (40), son of Jibanta Mahajan, village-Aungjain Para, Rajasthali; 6. Robin Tanchangya (28), son of Jibanta Mahajan, village-Aungjain Para, Rajasthali; 7. Durjoy Chakma (28), son of unknown, village-Bhalukia, police station-Chandraghona; 8. Shyamal Tanchangya (35), son of Panchajaya Tanchangya, village Chingkhyang Para, Rajasthali; 9. Jackson Kheyang (36), son of Chingthoi U Khiang, village Jimrong Para, Rajasthali; 10. Johny Marma (30), son of unknown, village-Juraichari, Rajasthali; 11. Thuichinu Marma (45), son of unknown, village-Hafchari, Rangamati Sadar upazila; 12. Mepha Marma (45), son of unknown, village-Narangiri, Chandraghona; 13. Uchanu Marma Sagar (36), son of Aprumong Marma, village-Gainda, Rajasthali; 14. Kyaba Marma (40), son of Uthoai Marma, village-Ogari Para, Rajasthali; 15. Mongyosing Marma (32), son of Thoainuching Marma, village-Naikya Bandara Para, Rajasthali; 16. Prosingmong Marma (36), mother-Koichingme Marma, Village-Naikya Bandara Para, Rajasthali; 17. Kajal Kumar Tanchangya (30), son of Kalachula Thanchangya, village-Shilchhari Para, Rajasthali; 18. Khaipaipru Marma Paipru (42), son of Athuimaw Marma, village-unknown; 19. Amarjit Tanchangya (30), son of Baladhan Tanchangya, village-Ghilamukh, Rajasthali; 20. Sankuilla Tanchangya, son of unknown, village-Bhalukia, Chandraghona; 21. Pulushi Marma, son of Uthoai Marma, village-Karigorpara, Rajasthali; 22. Bachai Mong Marma (30), son of unknown, village-Hafchari, Rajasthali; 23. Rodil Tanchangya (42), son of late Jatan Kumar Tanchangya, village-unknown, Rajasthali.

Among the accused in the case are Pulkhai Marma (Pulukhai Marma) (55) President of PCJSS Rajasthali Thana Committee, Sushanta Tanchangya (50) General Secretary, Subash Tanchangya (Subhash Tanchangya) (40) Organizing Secretary, Rahul Thanchangya (40) PCJSS’s President of Ghilachari union committee and Santalal Chakma (40), Robin Thanchangya (28), Shyamal Thanchangya (35) and Jackson Kheyang (38) are all members of the Rajasthali Juba Samiti and Uchanu Marma Sagar (36) and Rodil Tanchangya (42) are respectively General Secretary and President of RajasthaliJuba Samiti. Other accused include PCJSS activists, supporters and ordinary villagers.

The case was filed on October 9, 2020 by Shahina Akter, 19, wife of slain fish trader Jalal Uddin Ripon, a resident of Bazar Para area of ​​ No.1 Ghilachhari Union in Rajsthali Upazila. Case No. 01, dated 09.10.2020, Section-143/448/302/120-B / 34 of the Penal Code in Rajasthali Police Station.

Plaintiff Shahina Akhter stated in her statement that ‘as per the plan and instructions of the accused from 1st to 10th, in collaboration with the accused from 11th to 23rd, 10/15 more unidentified hill terrorists entered the bedroom of their house and shot at her husband at random’.

It may be mentioned that Jamal Uddin Ripon, a fish trader, was shot dead by the unidentified miscreant at his home in Bazar Para area of ​​Rajsthali upazila on October 5, 2020 at around 1:00 pm. He was later taken to a local hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. It is learnt that Sarwar Alam Dikan, elder brother of the killed Jamal Uddin Ripon, worked as a fundraiser for the local terrorist organization Mugh Liberation Party (MLP). It is believed that as a result of the dispute in this connection, a party came to kill his elder brother Sarwar Alam Dikon, but killed his younger brother Jamal Uddin Ripon.