Two innocent Jum farmers beaten by army in Alikadam


Hill Voice, 26 August 2023, Bandarban: It has been alleged that two innocent Jumma Jum farmers of Sangpaya Para village of Sadar Union of Alikdam Upazila under Bandarban district were subjected to inhuman beating by the army.

The two victims are Rangreng Mro (27), son of Mangsai Mro and Mangnaing Mro (32), son of Banoa Mro.

According to local sources, it is now the season for Jum crops harvesting in the hills. As a result, herds of wild boars and groups of monkeys come to the Jum and destroy crops at this time. Because of this, many farmers in remote areas often guard their Jums with self-made guns (Known as Gada Banduk). This practice of crop protection has been around for a long time.

In the morning that day, the victims Rangreng Mro and Mangnaing Mro went to Jum nearby their village with Gada Banduk. At this time, when the pigs came to Jum, they shot them with Gada Banduk. Hearing the gunshots, a group of 10-12 army personnel from the nearby Dochari Bazar army camp came to the spot and took Rangreng Mro and Mangnaing Mro to the army camp. In the army camp, two farmers were badly beaten. The army camp authority said that the permission of the army would be required to shoot.

However, the two victims were later released and are said to have received first aid at their homes.