Attempt to occupy land of indigenous people in Thakurgaon


Hill Voice, 24 April 2022, Thakurgaon: Thakurgaon BNP local leader Mr. Babul has been accused of trying to take over lands of indigenous people. The indigenous peoples alleged that Samir Dutta Pulak, general secretary of the district Juba League, was ‘cooperating’ to land grabber. They staged demonstration and human chains in protest against the land grabbing. The programs were organized under the banner of ‘Jatiya Adivasi Parishad’ and ‘Adivasi Oraon Sangathan’ at the Chourasta (crossroads) of the district town on Saturday (April 23) at noon.

Indigenous people gathered at the city’s crossroads with a protest procession at around 12 noon on Saturday (23 April) after parading various roads in the district town. Later human chain was formed there.

President of Thakurgaon Press Club Mansur Ali, Adviser of Jatiya Adivasi Parishad and General Secretary of District Bar Association Imran Hossain Chowdhury, Adviser of Adivasi Oraon Organization Subash Kujur, member of Jatiya Adivasi Parishad Noyami Topya, Jospina Ekka et al spoke at the demonstration.

Leaders of Adivasi Parishad said, former councilor of Ward No. 9 of Thakurgaon municipality Mr. Babul and his associates have been trying to seize the lands of the indigenous people of the area by using various forms of torture.

As part of this, Babul and his men tried to occupy a pond near Kalodighi Kali Mandir in the area on April 17. When the indigenous people resisted, they fled.

Speakers at the human chain alleged that a human chain was organised on Friday 22 April afternoon under the leadership of former councilor Md. Babul and his gang alleging beating up a man in the April 17 incident. Babul, who is associated with BNP politics, made communal provocative remarks through a hand mic. Later, the police arrested Babul from there.

Adivasi Parishad member Jaspina Ekka said some Awami League men, including Councilor Babul, were trying to take over their land by filing assault cases. They will give their lives, but they will not allow the land to be occupied.

After the human chain, the indigenous people went to the Deputy Commissioner’s office with a protest procession. There they handed over a memorandum to the Prime Minister through the Deputy Commissioner.