3 houses searched and blank firing by army, AL and Mog Party gang in Raikhali


Hill Voice, 1 January 2022, Rangamati: It is alleged that a gang of army, local Awami League and army-backed Mog Party have searched the houses of three innocent villagers and destroyed their belongings and fired random blank shots at the village to create panic.

According to local sources, on Friday (December 31) at 11:00 pm a group of 24 army personnel from newly established Narangiri Mukh Para camp led by Warrant Officer Md. Kuddus and Bangalhalia army camp led by Warrant Officer Md. Fayes and a group of 15 terrorists of local Awami League and army-backed Mog Party led by second-in-command Mongkyching Marma and third-in-command Uthowaiching Marma (Sabuj) conducted a search operation at Bhalukya village of Ward No. 7 of Raikhali Union. After the search, a few rounds of blank shots were fired to create panic in the area. This created extreme panic in the minds of the people.

The gang of army-AL-Mog Party entered the houses of three sons of late Roy Mohan Tanchangya, namely Satyaban Tanchangya (56), Mityaban Tanchangya (55) and Duduram Tanchangya (40) of Bhalukia village and searched the houses. Army members broke down the door of the houses and ransacked the belongings and furniture of the house in the name of search.

Army members searched for Tapas Tanchangya (Kaladhan), son of Satyaban Tanchangya. Tapas Tanchangya was not at home at that time. When he was not found, the army members took away two phone sets of his parents. Tapas Tanchangya is a hired metro cyclist. Tapas Tanchangya makes a living by driving motor cycle in rent.

After a long two-hour violence in the name of search, the gang of the army, Awami League and Mog Party left the place at 1.00 pm.