Deployment of UPDF (Democratic) terrorists in Rowangchari, panic in the area

Photo: An armed group of UPDF (Democratic) terrorists

Hill Voice, 23 November 2022, Bandarban: It has been alleged that an armed group of UPDF (democratic) terrorists has been deployed under the umbrella of the army and the local Awami League in Rowangchari upazila headquarters under Bandarban district.

As a result, it is reported that alongside the oppression and harassment of army-backed Bawm Party terrorists in Ruma and Rowangchari areas, the presence of UPDF (democratic) armed terrorists at Rowangchari headquarters in broad daylight, has created a new fear among the locals.

According to local sources, an armed group of UPDF (Democratic) terrorists of 19 personnel was deployed at the Awami League office and the residential hotel Radhaman in Rowangchari Bazar last Monday (November 21). The group of 19 persons is accompanied by Anupam Chakma, the administrative head of the terrorists, and Ubamong Marma, general secretary of UPDF (Democratic)’s Bandarban district unit.

On the other hand, it is reported that an armed group of 12 terrorists has taken up position in the old police camp Pahar area of Rowangchari Sadar.

Eyewitnesses said that the local Awami League workers and some residents of the Rowangchari bazaar are supplying food and other items to the terrorists.

According to another source, Bandarban Sadar Army Zone Commander Mahmudur Rahman and DGFI Field Officer held a secret meeting with the terrorists at Rowangchari Sadar Army Camp on Tuesday (November 22). In the meeting, the deployment of UPDF (democratic) armed terrorists in Rowangchari upazila, joint operations of army and terrorists were discussed among others.

Bandarban PCP district president threatened:

According to local sources, on Tuesday (November 22), UPDF (Democratic) supported PCP’s Bandarban District President, Joybabu Tanchangya, threatened Thwaikyajai Chak, President of Bandarban District Branch of PCP, which is pro-CHT Accord, saying, “No activities of pro-CHT Accord PCP will be allowed anyway in Bandarban Government College. If you want to stay in Bandarban, you have to accept this condition.”

At the tea shop in front of Bandarban Government College, the district president of UPDF (Democratic) supported PCP Joybabu Tanchangya gave this threat while his 5 associates including Pulumong Marma, Kyawching Marma of Madhyampara and Chhatra League college branch president Tipu Das and Bandarban Sadar Upazila branch president Hlagya Marma were also present there.

It is to be noted that Joybabu Tanchangya is known to be working as the publicity and publication secretary of Chhatra League of Rangunia University College Branch of Chittagong besides serving as the President of Bandarban district of UPDF (democratic) supported PCP.