Case of an indigenous Mahato farmer not ending in Rajshahi


Hill Voice, 13 August 2020, Rajshahi: The case of an indigenous Mahato farmer is not ending year after year just because of volume book. The volume book of a document has disappeared from the Sub-Registrar office of the Rajshahi Sadar. Despite repeated summons, the volume book is not being sent. That being said, it cannot be found.

The victim’s name is Anil Kumar Mahato. His home is in Madhabpur village of Nachol upazila of Chapainawabganj. His father, the late Birendra Mahato, moved to India during the War of Liberation. He left some paddy land. His son, Anil Kumar Mahato has been cultivating those lands. In 2007, some people in the area claimed that Birendra had sold these lands to them in 1964.

Complications arise with this. Anil Kumar Mahato filed the case with Nachol Assistant Judge court. In 2014, the judgement of the case was given in favor of the defendants. Anil Kumar Mahato appealed to the Chapainawabganj District Judge’s Court. The court then summoned pages 66 to 69 of volume 111 of document number 8369 dated 13 May 1964.

But it was not sent from the Rajshahi Sadar Sub-Registrar’s office. Every time the Sadar Sub-Registrar has written to the court, he has sincerely expressed regret and apologized for not being able to present the volume book as he has not been able to find the volume book since receiving the summons. The volume book will be sent to the court as soon as it is received.
Victim Anil Kumar Mahato says the defendants have ruled in their favor by showing fake land documents. He influenced the office of the Sub-Registrar. Due to which the volume book is not being sent. His appeal case is not ending. Anil said he would win the case if the volume book was presented to the court. He expects a solution.

When asked, Badal Krishna Biswas, acting Sub-Registrar of the Sadar Sub-Registrar’s office, said, “Where will the volume book be lost?” Of course, there is. But I do not know this. I will make arrangement to find out when the aggrieved farmer comes.

Source: Jugantor