BGB file false case against 41 innocent Jummas including recently arrested 4 in Naikhyongchari


Hill Voice, 18 September 2021, Bandarban: It has been alleged that Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has recently filed a false case against 41 innocent indigenous people in Naikhyongchari Upazila under Bandarban Hill District. The case also includes four innocent Jumma villagers who have already been detained and tortured illegally by the army and BGB.

On 15 September 2021, at 2.45 pm, Naib Subedar of 11 BGB’s Naikhyongchari Battalion Md. Abul Khair (Mobile: +8801735938770) filed the case with Naikhyongchari Police Station on behalf of BGB. Case No. 7 of Naikhyongchari Police Station, dated 15/09/2021, Section 06/07/12/14 of Anti-Terrorism Act 2009 (Amended-2013) and Section 144/353/307 of Bangladesh Penal Code.

The lawsuit alleges obstruction of official duties, attempt to assault with the intention to murder and extortion from the public, direct and indirect support for the conduct of terrorist activities and the creation of panic among the public by offering armed assistance, endangering the country’s integrity by providing various financial assistance and shelter.

According to the case statement, two members of the BGB patrol team were seriously injured when unidentified armed men along with the 41 Jummas opened fire on the BGB on 01 September 2021 at a hilly road of Kamichara Chak Para during a joint operation of BGB and Army in Kamichara Chak Para of Ward No. 2 of Douchari UP under Naikhyongchhari Police Station.

When contacted, some of the accused Jumma and related family members, who did not want to be named, said it was a conspiracy case by the army and the BGB. The accused are all unarmed and innocent Jumma villagers and some are simply associated with the democratic movement for the implementation of the CHT Accord. There is no question that they are terrorists. They said the BGB’s allegations were completely false and malicious.

The list of victims of false cases is as follows-

1. Monglafo (60), son of Shoyesha Aung, from Kamichhara Chak Para of Dochhari Union; 2. Laigya Chow (50), son of Mong Ba, from Kamichara; 3. Chingla Aung Chak (30), son of Athacha, Kamichara; 4. Mongla Thowai Chak (15), son of Chingla Aung Chakma, Kamichara; 5. Amar Jyoti Chakma alias Apu Chakma (40), son of Lamba Chakma, from Rangamati Sadar, Rangamati district; 6. Kyaba Mong Marma (54), son of Uthowai Marma, Rowangchari, Ward No. 1, Rowangchhari upazila; 7. Kajal Chakma (40), address unknown; 8. Nanadhan Chakma Hitoshi (45), son of Jugal Krishna Chakma, Balpia Adam, Nanyachar Upazila; 9. Maya Chand Chakma (50), son of Kshinarod Chakma, Banyogichara, Jurachari upazila; 10. Anupam Chakma (40), Longadu, Langadu upazila; 11. Basa Chakma Asmong (50), son of late Roy Mohan Chakma, Guimara, Guimara upazila; 12. Gorjan Tanchangya (42), son of Kinadhan Tanchangya, Ghilamukh Para, Rajasthali Upazila; 13. Aung Thowai Ching Marma (29), son of Pru Tui Mong Marma, Lachalong Para, Rowangchari Upazila; 14. Pritisen Tanchangya (40), son of late Jitendra Tanchangya, Alexyang, Rowangchari upazila; 15. Aungshweching Marma (35), son of Sahlaching Marma, Rowangchari Bazar Para, Rowangchhari Upazila; 16. Aungkanu Marma (28), son of late Krai Mong Marma, Khaymrung Para, Noapatang, Rowangchhari Upazila; 17. Sagar Basa Chakma (30), son of-Boidya Chandra Chakma, Gyana Karbari Para, Alikadam Upazila; 18. Tarun Chakma (35), son of Basudeb Chakma, Royambhu Bayamjhiri, Alikadam Upazila; 19. Anil Chakma (35), son of Sutabi Lakshya Chakma, Rambhu Kalarjhiri, Alikadam Upazila; 20. Rupon Tanchangya (38), son of Kalasen Tanchangya, Waigya Para, Rowangchari Upazila; 21. Kalpasen Tanchangya (33), son of Shatrusen Tanchangya, Waigya Para, Rowangchhari Upazila; 22. Mongshwe Marma (32), son of Hla Thowai Mong Marma, Kanaijo Para, Noapatang, Rowangchari; 23. Mongbaching Marma (37), son of late Chinu Mong Marma, Noapatang, Rowangchari upazila; 24. Rangolal Tanchangya (28), son Lalit Kumar Tanchangya, Taimurungchara Para, Rowangchari Upazila; 25. Swapna Kumar Tanchangya (24), son of Samiran Tanchangya, Gunkhyangpara, Noapatang, Rowangchari Upazila; 26. Hiran alias Tunid (28), son of Krishnama Dhara, Nanyachar, Nanyachar upazila; 27. Rabidwaya Chakma (44), Royambu Noi Para, Alikadam Upazila; 28. Praiprue Marma (52), Headman Para, Bandarban Sadar Upazila; 29. Nityalal Chakma (50), Headman Para, Bandarban Sadar Upazila; 30. Chasimong Marma (55), Headman Para, Bandarban Sadar Upazila; 31. Sumon Tanchangya (45), Painchara, Bandarban; 32. Amalam Chakma (45), address unknown; 33. Unuemong Marma alias Royal (42), son of Ganjak Marma, Lapraimukh Para, Bandarban Sadar Upazila; 34. Mongthowaising Marma (35), son of Thoainue Ching Marma, address unknown; 35. Nirolal Chakma (48), son of Banchita Chakma, address unknown; 36. Sachingnue Marma (54), son of Kyahlaching Marma, address unknown; 37. Kakayinue Mong Marma (30), son of Chathowai Marma, address unknown; 38. Aungshwemang Marma (55), son of Sathraching Marma, address unknown; 39. Kanchan (38), son Medonganya, address unknown; 40. Bhagya Lata (35), wife of Anil Tanchangya, Rambhu Kalarjhiri, Alikadam upazila; and 41. Joy Bahadur Tripura alias Ajit (48), address unknown.

It may be mentioned that the accused listed from No. 1 to No. 4 in the case were detained by the Army and BGB members from their respective villages 14 days before the case was filed. After the arrest, the army and BGB members detained them in a completely illegal place without releasing them or handing them over to the court as per the law. After filing the false case, the BGB members handed over the four arrested persons to Naikhyongchari police station and listed them as accused in the case.

It may be mentioned that on Wednesday morning, 01 September 2021, a group of joint forces of the Army of Alikadam Zone and the BGB of Naikhyongchari Zone conducted a joint operation in Kamichhara Chak Para of Douchhari Union. During the operation, the army and BGB members detained the innocent Jumma villagers. After the arrest, the army and BGB members had inhumanely beaten the villagers including some women. During the beating, army and BGB members interrogated them where the JSS terrorists were, how much money they had to pay to them ete.

Two of the six detainees, namely Uthowai Hla Marma (24), son of Mongdow Marma and Manroom Murung (60), son of late Dhui Thong Murung, were handed over to the police entangling in a false case on 4 September 2021, four days after their inhumane beating and detention. False and fabricated case was filed against them under sections 144, 353, 332, 333 and 307 of the Penal Code.

On the other hand, the remaining 4 people were illegally detained and tortured for 14 days and then handed over to Naikhyongchari police station by the army and BGB on the night of 14 September 2021. They were then implicated in a false case dated 15 September 2021.