Army camp in Burighat of Nanyachar by grabbing land of a Jumma!


Hill Voice, 23 January 2021, Rangamati: It has been alleged that a new army camp is being set up at a place called Namey Aung (Jalya Para) in Burighat union of Nanachar upazila under Rangamati district by grabbing land of an indigenous Jumma villager.

The real owner of the land is Jyotilal Chakma (75), son of late Suresh Chandra Chakma. It is learnt that there is a total area of ​​6 acres owned by Jyotilal Chakma.

It is learnt that on January 20, 2021, without the consent of Jyotilal Chakma, the owner of the land, a group of army personnel from Nanyachar Army Zone and Burighat Army Zone started the work of setting up the army camp. The locals said that the construction materials of the army camp were taken to the spot on January 22, 2021. At present there are about 30-35 army personnel stationed there.

The owner of the place, Jyotilal Chakma, said, “Last Wednesday (January 20), a group of army led by 2IC (Second-in-Command) of Nanyachar Army Zone came and asked me about the place. They said they would stay for a few years by setting up a camp there and offered to pay Tk 7,000 a year as rent. In response to their offer, I said, ‘I do not need money. Where would I farm if you camped in my place? I have no other place but this place. If we can’t cultivate, what will we eat?”

But even then the army personnel are continuing to set up camp in the area. It is learnt that they have started clearing the forest and cutting the soil there.