Army-backed terrorists snatch one Jumma’s mobile phone and money in Matiranga


Hill Voice, 17 October 2020, Khagrachhari: In Matiranga, Khagrachhari, army-backed Reformists and UPDF (Democratic) terrorists reportedly snatched taka 4,500 in cash and a mobile phone from a Jumma named Girati Tripura. The incident took place yesterday on 17 October 2020 at around 10:00 am.

Girati Tripura’s house is in the No.4 Prokolpo village of No.7 Ward of Matiranga Sadar Union. His father’s name is Mohan Tripura.

According to local sources, yesterday morning when Girati Tripura came to Matiranga to buy essentials, the army-backed terrorists grabbed him from the market for no reason and took him to a four-storeyed building. After taking him there, the terrorists forcibly snatched taka 4,500 in cash and a mobile phone from him with various threats. The terrorists then released him.

It is known that the victim runs a family with a tea shop in the village. The terrorists took all the money from him and sent him back home.

Locals alleged that army-backed Reformists and UPDF (Democratic) terrorists have been staying under the shadow of the administration in Matiranga Bazaar for a long time and abducting common people of Matiranga Bazar and surroundings and openly extorting money from Jummas. If anyone could not pay money, he was tortured and beaten in various ways. With the help of the army and the civil administration, the terrorists are becoming reckless day by day and continue to oppress the ordinary Jumma people.